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Hi everyone here is my first instructable which is on simple audio systems.

it is a mini portable mobile phone speaker made completely of waste materials of zero of cost.

try this yourself n enjoy!!

Step 1: Things Needed

Bill Of Materials:


soldering iron,wire cutter,tweezer,mini knife etc


IC 8002 (class-D audio amplifier) 8 pin DIP

10 k variable resistor

120 k resistor

0.1 mfd capacitor

10 mfd capacitor

1n 4001 diode 2

330 ohms resistor 2

led blue

led red

pcb (small piece of dotted vero board)

audio jack

speaker 1.5 inch 3 W

3.7 V Li ion battery

on/off switch

small wire pieces

micro usb port from old mobile phones



tin or box of hair gel etc

Step 2: Circuit Work

The heart of this project is the amplifier circuit based on 8002 class d audio amplifier.

8002 or sometimes 2009 is one of the versatile ICs among amplifier ICs.It's operating voltage starts from 3v , so it is easy to use this in portable applications.

First thing to do is realise the circuit diagram on a pcb as small as can.Using smd ICs and components'll help you to achieve this .I've used smds so that my circuit such small.

After making the circuit make sure that it is working fluently by checking it.

Step 3: Craft Work

Now you have to make a perfect enclosure for the speaker.

Take the hair gel tin or box you got and make hole for the speaker accurately .

Fix the speaker using glue.

Then make the holes for on/off switch,volume controller,charging port,audio jack etc.

Fix all the things using glue.

Now attach the circuit to the on/off switch,speaker,charging port etc.

Connect the leds on the circuit board as shown in the circuit diagram and fix them on the hair gel bottle.

Connect the battery as per the circuit diagram and place it in the enclosure safely.

Close the enclosure and use some stickers for it to look cool.

You can now play it and re-charge using you samsung phone chargers.

Make it youself , enjoy every seconds of your life

Thank You........................!



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    12 Discussions

    yes, the input should be connected to the earphone port of the phone.

    Happy making :)


    1 year ago

    Thank you for your very informative feedback/guidance. I just have one question, the input part of the circuit is where you would plug in your phone, right?


    1 year ago

    Hey again, do i really need to incorporate the Led's into this build?

    3 replies

    Out of the two LEDs, one is power indicator which indicates whether the speaker is on or off and the second one is charging indicator. As per Your need, You can avoid LEDs. I'm attaching here the same circuit without LEDs and much more simple. Thank you..


    Reply 1 year ago

    Also, how hard do you think this project will be to complete? also, in the circuit diagram that you shown, what does B+ and B- mean and also SP+ and Sp-?

    Sorry for late reply. This is a simplest circuit to be done. B+ and B- are Battery positive and negative connections respectively. SP+ and SP- are the speaker connections.


    1 year ago

    How much money did you spend on this project? I am interested in using this for a school project.

    1 reply

    I just collected the components from an old electronics repair shop for free. Actually it's a zero cost product. It may cost around 15 dollars i think.

    Thank you.........


    Nice portable speaker. This is probably a lot cheaper than the portable speakers that they sell at the store.

    1 reply

    Nice portable speaker. This is probably a lot cheaper than the portable speakers that they sell at the store.