Macro Key : HappyKeys : How to Make a Custom One Key (game, SNS, ETC)




Introduction: Macro Key : HappyKeys : How to Make a Custom One Key (game, SNS, ETC)

About: Hi, I'm Eunchan Park from S.Korea. I have 3 missions Making Happy Things, Sharing How To Make Happy Things, Copying Happy Things Maker for the world's Happiness In order to pursue my mission, I have a big go...


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Step 1: Youtube Instruction


Step 2: Preparing Materials

Step 3: 3D Printing Using 3d Modeling File

Download 3d model file from Thinggiverse


(Alternative: Buy from ETSY from the author)

Step 4: Put a Switch Into Upper Case


Step 5: Put an Attiny85 Board in the Upper Case


Step 6: Bend Legs of Switch Toward the Attiny85 Board


Step 7: Soldering


Step 8: Cover It


Step 9: Use Your Favorite Keycap


Step 10: ​Download and Install Arduino IDE / Board Setting

Step 11: Download a Library for USB Keyboard, USB Mouse, USB Media Control Simultaneously

Because the library from Digispark is not enough to use. The main issue is we can’t send a keyboard signal and a mouse signal at the same time. Sending only keyboard or mouse signal is good enough for general situation. But sometimes, we need to use both keyboard and mouse together such as gaming situation.

Step 12: Unzip the File and Copy “TrinketHidCombo” Folder Into Your Arduino Library Folder


Step 13: ​Open Your Arduino IDE, Copy and Paste Here's Code

Step 14: Upload the Program to Your Board by Following This Order

Unplug the board

Click upload button of Arduino IDE

Wait until “Running Digispark Uploader … “ shows

Plug your board


Notice : In order to upload program to Attiny85 board, you don’t need to select any port. Unplug your board.

Step 15: Tweak It As Your Need

Facebook / Instagram auto scroller

Source Code :

Emergency Switch

MUTE and CLOSE a video player immediately just in case (Emergency Exit)
When I was young, I would play a game often. Every time my mother suddenly enter into my room, I had to close the game immediately, pretended to watching a “Educational Program”. Sometimes I failed. Back then, I wished I could make this switch

Game macro example

My favorite game is starcraft. I am not good at macro control. For particular, manufacturing labor unit (SCV, Prove or Drone) or military unit such as tanks, marines. I made a macro key for this purpose. (note: only for single play)

Produce labor unit

Produce units from manufacture building

Typing “cheat keys”

Letter example

Shortcut key

Arduino auto format (Ctrl + T)

Save button (Ctrl + S)

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