Mad Scientist, Full Hood of Steampunk Design.




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This project was just for fun, after doing my all brass iris goggles.
 I wanted a more relaxing project where every dimension was not critical.

I took enough pics. so a full explanation should not be necessary 


Step 1: Find an Old Coat

Find or buy an old coat with a fabric or leather shell and cut out the sleve, Extra Large will save you from having to sew in the extra peices I did, it was easy, but it would save time, I don't know about you but I'm not comfortable sticking my head in the sleve of an old coat at the thrift store to check it's fit on my head, plus I didn't know this would be the part of the coat I would use.

You can see the arm pit becomes the half circle that forms the jaw area, I also stiched in the buttons and attached parts from the front opening to get the dimension I wanted, plus it looks more finished.

Those of you who sew don't laugh, I did it all inside out to hide the messy part of the seams.

Step 2: Making the Goggles.

You will need to find some lens, I used snow globes from the discount store, once you have them cut your frames to fit the diameter of them, I used cardboard and tape to make a template for the nose piece.

You can use screws if you don't have cleco's for aircraft construction, (the copper plugs temporarily holding it togeather.)

3rd photo of card board and actual peice

More on fiting and coloring the lens in next step.

Step 3: Finishing Goggles

Shape the bottom of the lens until it matches the curve of the frame, I used 3/32 aircrat rivets, be sure to drill all hole in plastic at least 1/16 over rivet size so as to not crack the plastic. 
I cut the copper attach strips long then trimed them back at fitting.
Solder in the grills after painting them with clear red paint.
The top part was attached with studs from the leather shop.

The clear globes were colored with gray clear paint, found at hobby shops, the frames were polished alu, with green and gray clear paint.
The mouth peice is very simple cut out with a grid riveted in place.

Step 4: Wiring

I used small red leds driven by a 9v batt, the driver causes them to go in a circle, I got it from Ramsey Electronics,
the orginal project used only one LED but it powered 2 just fine, this was a pain in the butt.

run the wires off to the side and hook them up to the board.

I used a canned air bottle from my air supply, it was empty so I cut the bottom off and soldered a 1/2 x3/4 copper plumbing reducer,
I trimmed it down and drilled a hole in the side to fit the valve, the paint was removed and stained with stained glass lead tinting solution, it turns tin lead and several metals a copper color, I topped it off with some clear red paint, the bottom is a  pressure guage.

The hose is a steel gas line with the ends cut off then soldered to the top of the copper fitting and the other end gets a flat round plate with 6 holes for the wing nuts, ( I heated the wing nuts with a torch to discolor them) the tube was painted drab green

Step 5: Details Booring....

Add weather seal to edges of goggles and some foam with fabric to inside of goggles, throw it all togeather

The little side light is made of foam, brass wire, an LED and a small camera lens, the woven cover is some junk I found in the Christmas section of the craft store.

Make some lightning bolts from scrap alu, or brass,

The electronic and battery is held in an Altoids box with some old calculator parts soldered on the front. 

OK now go scare some kids....



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    15 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I think this should have been called "Steampunk Gimp Mask".

    Freaky tho!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    AAAH!! LOL Scary!! Love it. :) Would look really good covered in bloody for the zombie walk.. hmmmm


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Actually I got the idea from this guy,

    I always seem to take the safe design road so I tried to exagerate a little and make it a full hood with google eyes, plus by Yamiguru


    7 years ago on Step 5

    Another excellently made 'ible...great looking and pleasingly scary....


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I think that should have been in one of the Hellboy movies.
    Imagine the mayhem if you crept around your road at night, tapping on neighbour's windows.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    My first thought was that it looked like something from classic Doctor Who. Excellent work!

    Hmm Mad scientist indeed! Though actually what fist came to my mind was a steampunk plague doctor's mask ... which then had me thinking of the book I just read ... Boneshaker by (I can't remember the author's name....) and the Blight in the story.....

    Anyways, it looks amazing (esp. the gas canister!)
    Happy making!
    DJ Electfire

    1 reply

    I guess I should not limit peoples imagination with a title, but I have to name it something.

    I guess I should make a whole suit, maybe next October.

    It's easy to tell you had fun with this one. Will there be a whole mad scientist wardrobe?

    It looks like a lot of fun to make and wear! The only thing missing is a picture of you wearing it so we can see how good it looks!


    Yea I wanted to depart from my clean cut side and try something kinda dark, the bummer is these pictures don't do it justice, the metal really reflects a cool glow through the candy apple paint, the pics just don't show it.