Magnetic Window Screens for Car Camping




Introduction: Magnetic Window Screens for Car Camping

The following shows how to make Magnetic Window Screens for Car Camping using rare earth magnets, duct tape, and flexible window screening. I made it at Techshop.

Step 1: Gather Duct Tape, Insect Screen, and Rare Earth Magnets

Step 2: Cut Screen to Overlap by 1-2 Inches Beyond Window Frame

Step 3: Attach Rare Earth Magnets to Edge of Window Screen Using Duct Tape. Screen Can Be Folded and Kept in Glove Compartment.

Step 4: Place Window Screen With Magnets Attached With Duct Tape Over Open Window.

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Tip 6 months ago

I used the premade Magic Mesh screens from the Dollar Store. Cut them down to the sizes that were needed, then slid the earth magnets into the outer trim and used fabric glue to keep them in place.
Once dry, I placed the screens on the INside of the car door and then if I need to drive somewhere, I can leave them in place and drive off.
For the rear of our vehicle, I used the auto-close magnetic feature in the center, with the same setup around, as before, and again...if I need to drive off, I just lower the hatch and when I return, it's already in place!

Great idea, and I want to make a pair of these. I'm unclear on how to attach the magnets to the screen. From your photo, I can't tell exactly how you did it. Do the magnets go on the inside or outside of the screen? It looks like maybe you have the screen on the bottom layer, then the magnet on top of that (outer side of screen), then a piece of duct tape on top of the magnet to hold it in place. Is that correct? Do you put another piece of duct tape on the underside to add cushioning and to protect the car surface? Also, the magnet on the right side of your photo looks like it's done differently than the others. If you could clarify, I'd appreciate it! Thanks.

Ikea has mosquito netting curtains that I use for similar things. The curtains are large and lightweight. They are easy to cut, sew, fold and store.

made a few of these with nylon mesh from screen door and the magnetic strips from fridge doors (the cushion part around the door contains a pretty ok flexible magnet ) then wrap the nylon mesh over the magnetic stripping sew it and good to go (likely for the life of the vehicle.) good work man and congrats!

I did something similar with my Ford Escape's moonroof. I found some mosquito netting for a baby carriage and used about 6 to 8 magnets that I got from the dollar store and put the netting over the halfway open roof. I will send some photos if you want

I made these 6 years ago. I kick my self everyday for not following through on the patent. LOL...

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I used news paper to make the pattern and sewed the edges with a thin smooth fabric. Had the magnets inside the fabric and made them for the Drive in. I don't have them anymore or I would post pics... sold them with the car.

Great minds think alike... I did this, too. I chose cheap magnetic strips for similar result. They sealed the gaps, but I think either method would work fine; depends on what you have readily available. The magnetic strips are available from most craft stores or even Walmart:

Just wanted to say congratulations on being a finalists in the Great Outdoors Contest! This was a fantastic instructable! Good luck!

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this is awesome, just in time to start using it thanks.
duck tape and magnets really simple really good

Clever idea. The only thing I would do differently would be to use felt on the magnets to help prevent scratches on the car... unless the duct tape fulfills that role well enough already.

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Thanks! The duct tape does prevent scratches, and adds a bit of cushioning to the magnets, which tend to slam onto the metal. If this slamming caused a magnet to crack, the duct tape would keep the pieces together.. All of my magnets are still in one piece though.