Mail Holder - Duct Tape / UPS Box

Introduction: Mail Holder - Duct Tape / UPS Box

Easy way to organize your household mail and daily Post-It notes.

Make it your way with any colors you choose.

Step 1: Supplies / Tools

One UPS shipping box (they give them out free)
Assortment of "Duck Tape"
Sharpie Marker

Step 2: Measure and Outline

Open box
Measure and Outline three mail pocket using dimensions in photo

Step 3: Cut Out Parts

Cut out each mail pocket and the back panel (11 x 21")

score a cut line along the diagonal line

Step 4: Apply Tape to Mail Pockets

Apply tape to each mail pocket

Leave 3/4" of tape overlapping the top and bottom long edges

Step 5:

Step 6: Fold Top Edge

Fold top edge of tape over the cardboard for all three mail pockets

Step 7: Apply Tape to Base Plate

Apply tape to front side of base plate

leave 3/4" of tape overlapping each edge

Step 8: Apply Tape to Back Side

Apply tape to back side of base plate

Step 9: Mount Mail Pockets

Position mail pockets onto base plate

Do the top one first locating 3/4" from the top edge of the base plate
Press the tape exposed tape along the lower edge of the mail pocket against the base plate

Position the second mail pocket at the lower edge of the first one
Press tape against base plate

Repeat for the third mail pocket

Step 10: Secure Mail Pockets

Fold the flaps of each mail pocket around the back side of the base plate
Tape flaps in place by pressing the overlapping tape against the back of the base plate or use more tape

Step 11: Reenforce Back Side

Apply another layer of tape the the back side of base plate over the mail pocket flaps

Step 12: Finished!!!!

You are done.

Step 13: Mount Your Master Piece

Use "Duck Tape" to mount the side of your refrigerator

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    This is a really cool idea - I think using your finished product as your main image may help you with page views and votes. Thanks