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Introduction: Make a Cardboard Clock

About: I came here to hopefully one day create an awesome instructable...too bad i always make it, then take pictures...

I hated my old projection zellers (equivalent to american wal-mart) bought clock. And the porjector stopped working so i turffed it. Later I bought a clockless Altec Lansing In Motion ipod dock and use that for an alarm.

So I still needed a display with the time.

I took this old clock and made a "case-mod" out of a cardboard box.

Note, i am using one other arm is broken in half.

Step 1: Tear Apart Your Clock and Find a Box.

I used a dremel, philips screwdrivers, and a drill to take my clock apart. (it was stubborn)

Sorry i didn't take any disassembly photos.

Once removed, snip away any un-needed parts like projector, speaker, nobs...

Next cut a crappy hole close to the size of your lcd and test the fit, then size it down with an exacto so it fits snug.

Decorate your box if you wish. I chose an apple sticker, you could paint, and stickers, cut, or draw on yours.

Step 2: Finish Things Up

Place everything inside your box

Then plug it in and set the time with the buttons right on the chip.

Then like me, do a crappy job of tapping the cord through a hole, to keep it secure.

Finally, poke some holes to vent out any possible heat.

Step 3: Hack It!

If you want. Instead of poking you can drill holes :P

Use other containers like tupperwear, Dvd-R columns, fabric, wood.

Place buttons outside, and enable things like sound, radio, alarm.

Of course, add L.E.D s !!!





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    i no this is old, but what if you left a thin layer of cardboard like shaved it off on the inside and put it up against it. Think it would only show thru? That would look cool...

    " zellers (equivalent to american wal-mart)"
    Almost, but:
    Zellers is much better to their employees,
    they aren't as invasive,
    they aren't as cheap but they are way better.

    1 reply

    Yeah. That's exactly what this kid wants to hear..... Let's congratulate him for coming up with cool projects, while others are sitting on the couch stuffing their face watching Jersey Shore re-runs.

    This was a great idea! I put the clock in a Milwaukee Brewers bobble head box. Now i'm trying to also make a lamp out of it!

    the one problem made by removing all the buttons it that once you have a power-cut the clock will reset and you will have no buttons to set the time!!! or am i missing somthing(because i flicked through this very fast)?


    11 years ago

    Why did you take apart a working clock to put it in a cardboard box? Hope your arm is healing up well.

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    Why wouldn't someone take apart a clock and put it in ____ box :) After all, cardboard boxes are the building blocks of fun :P

    Not to mention you can make fun shapes out of cardboard. Or make a modular design combining your alarm clock, the buzzer, lights, and other things to wake you up. I've got a system at a friends house called, literally, "Wake the Heck Up!" It has a loud buzzer driven by 555 timer, Dual LED lighting arrays (some cheap yellow ones in constant glow, and bright white ones on 555 timer), and an 'optional' flyswatter on electromagnetic actuator, driven by 555 timer controlling a relay. All of these connect either to one another or to the main clock box itself by the marvels of Neodymium magnets, and they're supplied power the same way, with an impossibility to connect it backwards, even on purpose...

    you said that perfectly, my friend or as yoda says: my friend, perfectly you said that

    Yup, Zellers has some cheap stuff. That looks really cool, I only have one question: Wouldn't that cardboard be really easy to break or destroy (think spilling coffee all over it when you are late for school)?

    how the heck to u crack ur bone that close to the shoulder?

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    Wrestling with buddies. My friend tackled me and put pressure on my humerus, it just snaped right there. It was so loud :S

    sorry about your arm. Your idea is clever, i must say...

    really Zellers is more like K-mart

    chill chill it's gone, i made that no advert

    Take off that silly advertising picture at the bottom

    i was dirt ugly...this is more simple looks great on my shelf