Make a Hybrid Rocket Engine With Pasta, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Yeast





Introduction: Make a Hybrid Rocket Engine With Pasta, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Yeast

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Most rockets use a solid fuel engine which, once ignited, burns at a steady rate that cannot be controlled or stopped until the fuel is expended. Hybrid engines on the other hand can be turned on and off, and the thrust adjusted by varying how much oxidizer is fed into the ignition chamber to burn with the fuel. The simple hybrid engine made with this experiment lacks any valves that would be found in a full scale model to control the flow of oxygen, as it is the simplest form a hybrid engine could possibly take. You might call it a base model. If one were so inclined, all sorts of modifications could be made to this experiment to allow throttle control and even a nozzle.

For this project I used off the shelve 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, common bread yeast, and ziti macaroni noodles. This experiment should not be conducted without adult supervision.

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26 Discussions

CAN this actually power a 3D printed mini plane

Can you compare this with regular pasta burning?

The tube needs to be flammable, it's the fuel for the rocket.

A magnesium tube would make a hell of a flare...

A magnesium tube would make a thermal lance, which is what I want to turn this project into.

I'm not sure, I've only ever played with the ribbon and the powder, but I am sure that lumps of it will burn as well, especially if fed pure oxygen like this.

This is cool but I think it's more of a torch than a rocket. I have some 30% peroxide & might try it w/that!


Pretty cool, this is nothing short of genius! Or, pretty close, anyway.

This makes me think of something MacGyver would do .

very good job btw.