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In this instructable I will show you a "safer" method to making A potassium nitrate base flash powder. This method is far more safer than the perchlorate base method which is very sensitive and dangerous. This is the best method if you still want fingers. I don't suggest doing this unless you have experience with pyrotechnics or something of the sort and you are also permitted to have A licensce to make or manafacture fire and explosives. Please use safety and patience when doing this be safe and enjoy!!

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Step 1: Gather Materials

You don't need much to make this very strong productive flash powder and anything stronger would probably just be overdoing it in my personal opinion. You need 3 chemicals and a few utensils the first is Pottasium Nitrate/Kno3 Second is Sulfur And third is powdered aluminium. eckhart gives the most positive feedback. You will also need a scale to measure out your powders and a sieve to mix powders up.

Step 2: Weigh Up!

the Kno3/S/Al ratio is 5/3/2 and I like to make this in 10 gram batches because anything more than that can explode buy just the friction in the air and is much more sensitive so you should stay on the safe side and make 10 grand battle that would mean 5 potassium 3 sulfur 2 aluminum to equal a 10 gram batch

Step 3: Enjoy!!

Always make sure you practice safety when using dangerous chemicals or ingredients for that matter best done outside or in a well-ventilated area and always use precautions

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    8 months ago

    What is and where can i buy this "friction in the air"?

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    5 months ago on Step 3

    if i used Kno3/Mg instead of using Kno3/Al/S will be better ?