Make Great Cordage Out of Grass




Introduction: Make Great Cordage Out of Grass

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This is a very easy method of making your own natural cord out of any material with long fibers (like grass)
If you like my video, I have loads of them on my blog!
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    It's surprisingly strong stuff. I can't break the thicker cord at the end by pulling on it as hard as I can. I'm trying to think of a way to actually measure the strength and get a number value.

    Hi there, great video, i have done a bit in my time still need more practice tho. One way to test the breaking strain for the thinner stuff would be to use a luggage scales (or something similar) Then you can hang the cordage from the scales and keep adding weight to it till it breaks. You might need something a bit more heavy duty for thicker cordage tho, but the scales for it are out there. Would be great if you could test it and let us know.

    You can make a whole bridge out of dry grass using similar techniques. Check out this video (skip the annoying first 20 seconds).

    @nepheron: nice video, I had seen the basic technique before but never understood how you splice in a new piece but in your video that step is quite clear. Thanks

    Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. That's a cool video, but those bridges are nothing compared to the grass bridge I made across the Grand Canyon.

    I like. Took me an age to get it right when I learned. I found a good way to pick it up is by natural twine. It's much easier to tell if you're not getting the braid down right using twine. It'll unravel the already braided twine. After that, once you have your motion down you can do it with almost anything

    itd be cool if you had the instructions on here so i dont have to watch a video i can just read the instructions

    Thank you soo much..I've watched and read a lot of stuff on cordage and never been able to quite get the motion right. You made it so easy! Great. camera work and fabulous job keeping your fingers out of the way..seriously not easy.

    It's actually a custom knife made by Gray Wolf knives. Best knife I ever had. 59rc so it's not brittle. Scandi grind so it's a breeze to maintain.

    Looks like a user! I love that in a knife. What steel is it? 1095?

    Yep, 1095. It's a beautiful simple tool. It's not that hard so it doesn't chip. I'll post a full picture of it later.

    Wait, it's not. Never mind.

    Also, really cool! I'll definitely make some soon.

    Really cool 'ible!! 5 S-T-A-R-S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great survival skill to know. Rope is just as important as a knife or such tool. I have always wanted to know how to make grass rope. Thanks