Make Water Glow




Introduction: Make Water Glow

Materials needed:
-Jar or bowl

-Use caution when handling pliers
-Do not drink the water after it is glowing

Time to perform:
-5 minutes

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Step 1: Collect the Materials

Collect a highlighter and an empty jar or bowl. 

Step 2: Preparation

Cut open the highlighter towards the top with a pair of pliers and pull out the felt inside the highlighter with the pliers. Breaking open the highlighter might be tricky. Be careful not to crush or tear the felt while extracting it from the highlighter.

Step 3: Extract the Dye

Hold the felt under slow running water. Water temperature does not matter. Hold the jar underneath the felt to catch water as it runs through it. 

Step 4: Finished Product

Wait until the water has extracted all of the dye from the felt into the jar and then turn the water off. The end product should look like the included picture and your water should be glowing! DO NOT DRINK THE WATER.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Does the water fluoresce or do anything else awesome when exposed to different wavelengths of light? This might look extra cool in tonic water, for example, as tonic water glows bluish white under UV lights.

    Regardless, that's a neat trick and I promise not to drink the water if I try it at home. :)