Make Your Car Look Better for Cheap




An easy way to make you car look way better for little to no money and it takes little time

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Step 1: What You Need

You will need
1. A tire to do it with
2. Some painters tape exacto knife
4. Some white paint.( can use others but white is suggested)

Step 2: Prep the Tire

First clean the tire where the lettering is
The place the painters tape over the lettering. Make sure that you can see the outline if the letters clearly

Step 3: Cut Out the Letters

Now use the hobby knife and cut the tape along the outside of the letters. Cut as close as you can so you don't have to remove as much paint later. DONT PUSH TO HARD!!!!! You can puncture the tire!!
Once the tape is cut all the way around a letter peel back the part covering the letter

Step 4: Paint

Malay around the tire and the rim. Overspray can get on your rim so mask good! I also painted the rim so I didn't worry as much.
After the paint has dried, peel the tape off. You may have to scrape off some paint that over sprayed or bled through the tape

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    I remember when we used to ask for the white lettering to be mounted on the insides. Back in my day, that was the cool look ;-) Wow, I'm getting old.