Make a Chain Whip on the Cheap




Introduction: Make a Chain Whip on the Cheap

Hello all! This is my first Instructable and while it's not a really difficult one, it's one that a frugal bicycle mechanic can easily appreciate.


- An old pair of pliers
- A second pair of pliers
- An old bike chain
- Chain breaker
- Hammer

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Step 1: Destroy the Old Pliers

Ensuring that your old pliers are easily taken apart like the one in the photo, use the other pair of pliers to remove the bolt.

Step 2: Break the Chain

Using your chain breaker, or a borrowed one if you're cheap like me, break your old parts-bin chain and create a 20 or so link chain. Ensure that you leave the pins in the outer plate of the end links. This will make putting the chain back together easier.

Step 3: Attach the Chain to the Pliers

Using your hammer, your 20 link chain, and one of the arms of your broken pliers, pound the pins at the ends back into their adjacent outer plates, attaching one end to the bolt hole in the plier arm. This is necessary because you won't be able to fit your chain breaker around the plier arm to replace the pin.

Step 4: Done!

In using your new Chain Whip, place it on a cog of your cassette/freewheel being removed that allows the head of the plier arm to grip a link of the chain whip. This will prevent damage to any of your cassette/freewheel's teeth.

Any comments on my post would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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9 Discussions


6 years ago on Step 4

Why didn't i think of this, I'm gonna make me one of these right now!

I have all the parts in my old toolbox now, dead players, bike chain, hammer..
Ima gonna get me a Chain Whip job! brb!

Thank you for this instructable!


6 years ago on Introduction

This is ingenious and works great! Alas, either my technique or the two old sprockets I have are preventing me from disassembling the cassette ...


6 years ago on Introduction

Ha I can see where you got that. But it comes in handy if you're working with wheels frequently