Make a Custom Downhill Skateboard





Introduction: Make a Custom Downhill Skateboard

Alright. In this instructable I'll be showing YOU, my gracious reader how to construct a killer downhill skateboard. Before we start, I use my board mainly for ghetto luge because my hill transitions into a dirt road and I don't have enough room to break when standing up.

Step 1: Step One

First, we're going to start with an old crappy skateboard as the base.

I apologize about the picture quality, must of had temporary palsy... or something.

Your going to want to take off the trucks.

Step 2: Step 2

Now, you're gonna wanna cut a length of 2 inch wide by 1 inch tall wood. I cut mine to about 35 inches. You can cut yours to whatever suits your preferences.

Place your trucks (with the rubber things facing each other!1!!!) in the positions you want them to be in. Now, using whatever method you want, mark where the holes need to be.

Using the appropriate size drill bit drill out the holes.

Step 3: Step 3

After you secure the trucks to the wood with some nuts and bolts, its time to mount the deck.

Dummy in where you want your deck to be and just secure with some screws.

First I drill some real shallow pilot holes then secured the deck with some drywall screws.

I don't really have any pictures of this step, but heres some food for though.

Step 4: Step 4

In this step we're gonna be adding the wheels.

I picked up some Hyperwheels DUBs at Sports Authority for about 20 dollars.

They're great, I highly recommend them.

Now, for bearings, I just used the ones that came with the board I gutted for this project. However, with the next incarnation of this board I'll be using some really fast, high quality bearings.

Step 5: Finishing Up

Now that you have an ass kicking board, go ride it!

Heres a quick vid to clear some stuff up.

I have the downhill vid, but don't feel like uploading it to youtube, heres the dl.

Also, I built a luge! it works great.



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    25 Discussions

    How well does that board take corners? I'd guess that those wheels, which have very small contact patches, slide out like crazy. (Crazy fun, possibly.)

    1 reply

    I made something similar to this. My wheels can turn pretty sharp, but if i push them too far the start to wobble, then they skid. It is terrifying.

    It isn't a good idea putting the front trucks at the very front. This really makes turning difficult. I would put them about a third of the way in from the front. My friend and i both made that mistake, and now that we put the wheels back more, they work amazing.

    That is really similar to something i made. Only, i used trucks from a micro-board and had to have another piece of wood for a headrest. I will have pictures of the next one soon.

    So this is different from a luge board then? If I wanted to make said luge board, so I pretty much to the same, with a smaller block at the end? Please respond, over. CHH! xD

    2 replies

    isn't the point of luge boarding to go fast down hills? i am gonna make something similar to this today or sometime soon.

    Here are three places that will help people get into making their own skateboards. Silverfishlongboarding has a boardbuilding forum that is full of good info. Roarockit Skateboard Company sells not only a complete build your own deck kit but they also stock hard to get 1/16″ maple veneers and inexpensive presses made specifically for pressing your own custom decks. They have both video and tutorials on deckbuilding. Toothless also has a great set of tutorials on deckbuilding. NCDSA also has a boardbuilding area. Enjoy

    1 reply

    BTW If your using skateboard trucks the bushings face each other. If your using longboard trucks the bushings face away from each other.

    DDDDDDDDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG so you add long wood to old skateboard>>>> hyperwheels are like scooter wheels no? if it gonna have a hard time looking for it back here in indonesia........can you tell me a substitude????

    this would be considered a longboard, but awesome idea anyway!

    Thanks guys! Let me know how the brakes work out. I've been looking into them too. After each run I can smell my shoes burning up. -Butt

    1 reply

    Edit: I have some video of me going down the drive and being in pain as I brake with my bare feet. I'll see if I can get it posted.