Make a Dry Ice Safety Cube

Drinks with dry ice in them are stunning. The CO2 gas expelled is what you already exhale so no problem there. The problem is if the ice touches your lips, or worse goes down your throat it will destroy your tissue and cause serious damage. All that is needed is an thermaly insulated CO2 release capsule that is virtually impossible to swallow, It must be non-toxic as well. The good news is that 1oz of dry ice (a drinks worth) is only a dime at your local super market ($1.60 a pound) a and the casule will cost you a nickle to build (because you won't get the redemption value of the water bottle).

Step 1: Get Materials

Go to the market and buy a pound of dry ice.

If you don't have some heavily insulated gloves get some. Dont use thin gloves that will quickly get cold. I use arc welding gloves from Harbor Freight.

Also get some eye protection, so chipped ice won't freeze to your eyeball.

While your at the market, pick up a little 16oz plastic bottle of drinking water with a twist cap.

Make sure you have a pair of scissors and a stapler at home as well. If not, get it at the market and ask yourself why you don't have these items already as you sip your water down.

Step 2: Modify the Bottle Into a Dry Ice Protector

The label line of the water bottle is typically about 2 inches from the twist cap.

After you enjoy your bottle water, cut the cap off around the label line. Then fold in both sides of the plastic towards the center of the twist off cap. To maintain this folded position, place a staple in each "ear". Insure that the staples you use are clean and "food safe" (no rust).

The capsule you have created is not air tight - that a good thing, that is how the CO2 gas will escape.

Step 3: Install Dry Ice Into the Capsule

Remove the cap of your safety cube. With your safety glasses and welding gloves on, break off a chunk of dry ice just large enough to fit in the cap hole of your safety module.

Screw on the bottle cap to captivate. At this point, your dry ice cube is safe to handle without gloves or glasses.

Step 4: Drop the Cube in Your Drink, and Let the Fun Begin.

Drop your safety cube into your drink of choice. You will get several minutes of bubbling action.



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Dry ice isn't that easy to get everywhere. I've never seen it in a grocery store in New England.

    2 replies

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I am in Canada; I've never heard about getting dry ice in a supermarket. The only place where you can get some is at specialized stores, like Praxair which has a location close to where I live. They manufacture and distribute dry ice products, among other things.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    i know it's an old comment, but chain ice cream shops (baskin robbins around here) usually sell dry ice by the pound. also fred meyers (in the PNW) carry it, so maybe other kroger stores will?


    8 years ago on Introduction

    How can you properly store the capsules for future use?