Make a Lantern Out of Your Flashlight and a Milk Jug. Call It the MilkJugFlashlightLantern!




My son and I were going to tent camp in the backyard this weekend. My other battery powered lanterns used D and C cell batteries and the batteries were dead. I didn't feel like going out and spending money on new batteries. But, I had this bright LED flashlight, and a under sink cabinet full of empty milk jugs, so...

1. Rinse out a gallon milk jug.

2. Remove that plastic ring that is normally used to seal the cap on if your jug has one.

3. Cut 2 or 3 or 4 evenly spaced slots in the top of the jug.

4. Jam the top of your flashlight in there. Hopefully the lip of the jughole (mouth?) will grab the flashlight securely.

5. If the slots don't open wide enough, make them a little deeper and try again. If you make them too deep at first, it won't hold the flashlight tight enough.

We successfully used this to easily light up our 4 person tent and read a chapter of Harry Potter with no problems. I guess you could put some weight on the bottom of the jug and use it as a stand as well, but we just had it setting on its side and it was okay.



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    2 years ago

    This concept can also be used to diffuse brightness of new, cool, high-output LED lamps without fear of melting or loss of bulb life.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    This doesn't seem to be unique concept, but ofcource is a cool idea to utilize stuff.