Make a Permanent NYLON 3D Printed Coffee Filter

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This is a permanent coffee filter equivalent to most standard 12 cup filter sizes.
The NYLON coffee filter was printed on a 2BEIGH3 3D Printer as this printer is capable of printing with NYLON. Details of the printer can be seen at:

NYLON is the industry material-of-choice for permanent coffee filters. With NYLON’s absorption in conjunction with a controlled perimeter and fill, a coffee filter that suit’s the individual is as easy as hitting the “print button”!  
And like name brand filters, this filter is dishwasher safe!

With a 2BEIGH3 3D Printer, just Print, then snip out or burn out the cross're done!  Of course as with any new cooking utensil you purchase, this filter is to be washed prior to use!
Prefer a stronger cup: increase the fill, for a lighter taste, decrease the fill. His, hers and theirs is a simple number change in the skinning software.

The attached stl was used to print the filter shown.
The filter was printed on a 2BEIGH3 3D Printer :
Material = Standard NYLON
Nozzle = 0.42mm
Print time = 109 min
Platform = 1/4” plexi-glass with standard masking tape
Speed = 28mm/s
Perimeters = 1
Fill = 50%
Retraction = None
Cad Sw = Rhino
Skin SW = Slic3r v6
Taste = a bit light for the taulman



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    if you get a chance could you post a shot of the bottom or the filter, showing where the coffee liquid filters through?