Make a Push Stick for Your Saw Table




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A quick and easy to build Push Stick. A must-have accessory to increase the safety of your Table Saw.

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Step 1: Print, Paste and Cut

Start printing the template. You can download the Plans for free here. Glue it on the plywood sheet. Cut the base in the Table Saw and the curved parts on the Scroll Saw.

Step 2: Prepare the Grip

Mark and cut both parts for the handle to make the grip thicker. Cut and glue them. Once the glue is dry sand it using the Belt Sander. Round the edges to give it ergonomic shape with a rasp.

Step 3: Sand, Varnish and Try

Sand it, varnish it and once it is dry, we can try it.

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    3 years ago

    An old woodworking tip:

    "Do not use remaining fingers as a push stick".

    Worth sharing. ☺

    3 replies