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Introduction: Make a Titanium Ring

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Titanium is an awesome metal. If you have the patience it makes an equally awesome ring. It's a very hard material. My guess is that it takes twice as long to make compared to a nickel ring.  

Step 1: Cut a Piece Off.

I first tried using a scroll saw and a diamond wheel to cut the metal. You'd think I was trying to cut it with a butter knife. I ended up drilling several holes and breaking it free in a vice.

Step 2: Set It Up for the Lathe

First drill a pilot hole. Then proceed to a 1/4" bit. Now you can mount it in a nut and bolt making it ready for the lathe.

Step 3: Machine It Down

Really you're making a titanium washer. I never did any measuring. I just machined it down until I thought it looked good. It's about 3/4" in diameter.

Step 4: Size Your Ring

As you hammer the ring against a mandrel (I'm using a pry bar) it will expand the wall of the ring. A few things to keep in mind. While you're hammering the ring will have sharp edges. As you're trying on the ring these edges will catch on your finger; making you think the ring is smaller than it really is. Remember you can always keep hammering but you cannot shrink the ring. Make sure to check that you're not over hammering any single section of the ring. It should have an even thickness all the way around.

Step 5: Comfort Fit

Once the ring is the proper size I put it in my lathe. Use extreme caution if you're going to do like you see here. A flying tool bouncing off  1100 RPMs can land you in the emergency room. This it where I rounded over the edges on both the inside and out. To make sure the ring stayed square I used several nickels to line it up in the jaws.

Step 6: Initial Polish

I've found that socket bits make a great ring holder. Make sure you don't press it on with too much force. You can split the ring. If your in between sizes you can use electrical tape to build up the socket's circumference. Though that's not the way I'm using it in the photo. Once the ring is sanded on the outside you can use tape to keep it from getting scratched by the jaws. I used 800, 1000, and 2000 grit sand paper.

Step 7: Final Polish

Lastly I used polishing compound with a buffing wheel to shine up the ring. It's the same kind of polish for your car. Thanks for reading.  

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What thickness was the sheet of titanium you started with and what size ring did you end up making?

Im helping someone make their wedding ring for their mate and im just trying to get some materials together!

It is very hard from my perspective. Titanium alloy is strong indeed, but it has very poor plasticity. That means under home shop circumstances we can hardly bend a ti plate into a ring for it wold fatigue and break before taking the shape. You can check out my titanium works on ring and tactical pen.None of the works on titanium involves bending.

Hey Sarah! I have 2 titanium plates that were in my hand and am also looking to turn them into jewelry [probably a ring so it'll be right next to where it was when it was inside :)]. You could consider bending your plate and creating a tension set ring with a stone suspended in the center?

I'd love to hear what you end up making!

Could I just use a large bit to drill the finger hole instead of using the expanding process?

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Titanium is very strong. You would have to move up progressively with the drill bit size.

Can you make an instructible of making a ring for stamping wax

here's the link

I didn't mean to put my love I'm use to texting my girl

What kind of lathe and tool is that that your using my love

Do you think you could make this without a lathe?

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You could but it would take several hours.

I absolutly love your video. The short edits, the sudden loud power tools and hammers... I lol'd. Don't know if thats the effect you wanted, but I still enjoyed it. :P