Turn NES Cartridge Into USB Phone Charger!

Introduction: Turn NES Cartridge Into USB Phone Charger!

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In this tutorial, I will show you how to CHEAPLY make a cool battery bank with tons of power--Able to fully recharge your phone several times in a row without being recharged itself! If that sounds useful to you, then stick around!

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Step 1: What You Will Need:

1. An NES game cartridge | Please do not destroy a classic, use an unliked game!

2. Old tablet(s) smartphones or any other source of thin lipo batteries

3. charge controller/ boost converter | Can be cheaply obtained here: Aliexpress.com

That's it!--If you are confused about any of the things needed, there is a video in step 7 that may or may not make things more clear.

As for tools--You will need:

1. Soldering iron

2. Glue-gun...

3. Two-part epoxy (optional)

4. Dremel tool (optional)

Step 2: Choose a Game!

Please don't anger the gaming community by destroying a classic! Choose a game that you don't like or go to your local flea market to pick one up; they are normally extremely cheap.

I chose duck-hunt... because I hate that game...

Step 3: Obtain Some Batteries!

I got my batteries from an old (broken) 2012 Nexus 7 and from a no-brand cheap chinese tablet that also stopped working.

Be careful to not short them out!

Step 4: Charge the Batteries!

First let me say: Lithium batteries are DANGEROUS and as such you should use common sense. I am not responsible for your mishaps so please do a little research before diving into this if you are not familiar with battery protocols...

(if you are using just one battery, then you can skip this step)

It DOES NOT matter if the batteries have different capacities. The only thing you want to avoid is batteries with different voltages and of different chemistry. To avoid this, we will ONLY use Lithium polymer or lithium ion battery

Step one, Charge the batteries:

In order to connect the batteries together, we need to make sure they have the same voltage. Otherwise, when connected, the battery with the higher voltage will discharge into the battery with the lower voltage very quickly and start a fire or even explode!

I used a variable bench power supply, but if you want to, you can connect the battery to the charge board that you bought for the project temporarily and let each battery fully charge.


Or, if the batteries are not reading less than 2.8v you can simply connect them together using a power resistor and have them equalize on their own. If the battery is lower than 2.5 volts you should be very careful charging it and do some research regarding that.


Once the batteries have the same voltage, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 5: Cut Open Your NES Case!

This is pretty self explanatory:

Some cases have security screws, so you might need to be creative, but others just use regular screws.

Once cut open, find where you want to put your USB port and cut it up until everything fits!--I used a dremel tool for this.

Step 6: Wire and Epoxy/Glue It!

Unfortunately I am short on pictures, but the jist of it is black (-) to black, red (+) to red.

Fit the batteries where you can in the case and use double sided tape to keep them attached to the inside so that they don't slide around.

Once the PCB for the USB port is soldered and ready to go, before closing everything up, make sure to cover it with some epoxy or electrical tape so that it doesn't get shorted on anything!

Step 7: Video!

If you are confused about anything, please send me a message.

If you like the project, then share it--no seriously, share it!

Check out my channel for more!


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