Make a Cheap Strong Fly Tying Vyce




Old fly tying books had a simple vyce for fly tying that used an ordinary plier setup.

Mine uses a more modern Vyce grip needle point Plier.

I had an old laboratory lamp stand that made the vyce solid and variable. Up and down.
Plus I added an arm that can swivel for painting flies and working underneath.

All you need is

1) a pair of needle point vyce grips.
2)two  3/8" mild steel nuts
3) A 3/8' threaded rod section/ or 3'8 inch threaded bolt.

Mine welds to a 1'2 inch arm that swivels.

You can make a stand ousing  your junk supplies .
Traditionally an old G clamp was the base unit . You clamped it to a bench.
A welded riser arm then held the pliers.

The main advantage  of this one is the xxx strong adjustable vyce grip pliers.
As strong or stronger than most commercial fly tying vyces mate!
When not in use, simply unscrew and use for other workshop duties!!

(Removing teenage sons' unwanted belly piercings etc..)

I ground the tips back on outside to make access on the tips easier with small flies I tie.

Whenever I take the vyce to fly tying shows, eveyone wants one!

Also is  a great genral tool for soldering etc etc.
Tons of clamping power.
I haven't ground the inside tips to make them smooth.
A possibility option for those seeking a softer grip.

Have enclosed some self explanatory pictures

Feedback welcome





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