From Beerbox to Toolbox 1.0





Introduction: From Beerbox to Toolbox 1.0

About: I made a beer mug with only a knife & a hatchet. I think that says a lot about me.

Belgium is without doubt one of the best beer countries in the world. We have a long tradition of excellent beers and this liquid is holding the country together. North & south share one great passion: beer.

Our beers are stored in plastic boxes, like everywhere, and these are very strong (some guys made a chapel with it!). Rather than using them as bricks I chose to transform them into a toolbox.

It's a funny project (of course) that resulted in a heavy-duty, cool and spacious toolbox. I'm sure I'm going to make some jealous people on the work sites ;-)

Al you need:

- two beerboxes (one for the box, one for the cover)
- some good friends to give a helping hand
- some plywood
- a piece of aluminium sheet
- some scrap metal for the handle
- (polyurethane) glue
- chemical anchor
- a pair of hinges
- some bolts
- jigsaw
- ripper
- pliers
- drill

Step 1: Prepare the Box

This step is probably the best. Share the beer with your friends and remove the whole interior of the box. I can't show the pictures because my pc crashed recently and I lost them...

Any beerbox will do the job. I chose Westmalle Tripel, a strong blond beer and one of my favorites. This type of beerbox is relatively high and has the perfect dimensions for a toolbox-project.

Use saw, cutting pliers and knife to remove everything you don't need, and keep just the bottom of the box.

I decided to glue some plywood in the beerbox. This gives a perfect bottom and a perfect surface to attach the handle and the hinges. Use polyurethane glue.

In the hand-holes I glued plastified plywood as well, shaped with a jigsaw. In this zone the hole for the handle will be drilled.

Attach the frame-side of the hinges, and almost ready is your box.

Step 2: Prepare the Cover

Instead of making a plywood-cover that fitted directly on the box, I chose to raise it because I wanted it to be a footboard as well.

Cut out the bottom of the second box, shape some plywood and go for the glue. Use thick plywood inside, tiny plywood outside, with a small piece of plywood on the underpart of the cover as support for the hinges. Drill the holes for the hinges.

Cut out some aluminium sheet for the cover with a jigsaw. Use this sheet as model to set out the zone you'll rip out. Use a ripper to smooth the edges and to rip out some wood from the top. Paint the edges and glue the sheet in the cover.

Step 3: Prepare the Handle

First lesson for DIY-projects: never throw away any scrap. I found some pieces of aluminium and some steel tube and decided to give them a seond life. You can use any material you like, of course.

Cut everything into the right size, and look out for some big wood bolts.

Drill holes in the sides of the handle and use a hammer to smash the quartered end of the bolts into the aluminium.

I didn't want to spend lots of time, so I filled the steel tube with chemical anchor and put the two prepared pieces into place.

Ten minutes later: some sanding and the only thing I had to do was to drill some holes in the downside of the handle to attach it to the box.

Final phase: paint it.

Step 4: Assembly!

Fix the cover to the box with the hinges, and fix the handle with the bolts to the box. Use braces in the bolts to give the handle a smooth rotation.

Ready is your toolbox! Enjoy!



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    2 years ago

    I did something like that with a car battery case. it was a display from a auto shop I worked at so it never had acid in it. just split the top off. it had seperate sections for the battery cells. so it was easy to keep orginized. as long as I didn't tell anyone there were tools in it everybody just thought it was a old battery.

    Very cool project. Im sure if you used hard foam insulation instead of wood you could just as easily turn it into a cooler!

    1 reply

    Thanx Bruce! Our cats are using the box also! One night one closed the cover while another one was in it. You don't want to know how the prisoner has miaoowed to get liberated ;-)

    my son was looking for a toolbox to go in the back of his truck but they all mounted to the sides or were prohibitively expensive, then I found a large (4foot long) ice chest that worked perfectly.. ice chest, beer box..close enough.. thank you for sharing your project

    1 reply

    Great Instructions and Great Beer!
    In Canada our beer comes in cardboard boxes. Even 'Stella Artois' imported from Belgium in glass bottles. 'Stella' is one of my favourites, especially on tap in draft. Cheers and thanks for sharing this.

    1 reply

    In the USA our beers come in cardboard boxes. We do have plastic milk crates here though. I've enjoyed a few Belgian ales but we brew good Belgian style ales right up the road from me.

    They're a lot easier for me to get where I am at.

    2 replies

    I didn't know the USA doesn't use plastic boxes, too bad! I'm sure you'll find them on the net. Keep on the good beer!

    I don't know of anything the USA distributes in plastic boxes. Even with milk consumers are never supposed to get the plastic milk crates. Though plenty still manage to have some.

    I want my beer to come in plastic boxes! Those look a lot strudier than the milk crates we have in the US. Oh well. Great 'ible!

    1 reply

    Oh yes they are! Once I saw a guy using them as support to work under his car: 4 piles of 3 boxes under each wheel ;-)