Make Laptop Table for Your Car




I used to work with my laptop in my car so I make a table to put my laptop on.

Step 1: Ingredients and Tools

it not much...

- Plywood 50x40cm (you can adjust as you like)
- Wooden stick 50cm
- 2 Plastic string, 70cm each
- 2 zip tie


- Drill
- Wood saw

Step 2: Make a Hole

Use your drill to make a hole on each corner of the plywood and the end of wooden stick.

Step 3: Make a Knot

make a knot on 1/3 part of each plastic string

Step 4: Assemble the Table

Assemble all the part as you can see in the picture then make a knot on each end of plastic string.

Step 5: Put It in Your Car

Put it on the back of drivers chair or passengers chair. Tie up to the head rest column.

Step 6: Adjusting

To adjust you table position, simply slide the knot on each corner.

Step 7: The End

Now you have laptop table in your car.



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    6 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Not very practical for me at the moment as my dad drives a ford transit camper-van. But if he does get a original mini like he said im going to make one out of acrylic with a small fan to disperse heat from my dell laptop (they get hot very quickly)

    3 replies

    Wish I have ford transit campervan, so I don't have to improvise making this table... hehehe...
    Thats a great idea putting fan on it, I also thinking to put DC to AC invertor and multiplugs, but I just make it plain and simple couse some times I use it for writing work or put some food on it... :-p
    I think we can just put cooling pad between the laptop and table.... but we have to pick colling pad that have non-slippery rubber....
    By the way, have great time to inovate and improvise...

    hm if i get acces to the laser cutter at my school i can cut one out that has a box under with a dc to ac inverter with plugs and the fans go to that and get run from car cigarette lighter hmm good idea !

    Yup... U c what I mean... sorry for misstype 'inverter'...  may be it can be your science project... goodluck... 


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Which one is "very practical"?

    I've seen that table at ACE hardware... but its too small for my 15,4inches laptop and I have to wrap up my laptop before I drive. With the table on the passenger side, I don't have to wrap it up at all, just leave it that way or simply put on sleep mode an close the monitor down. Then when I've parked the car, I can continue my work in just a second.

    By the way, it cost me none... cause I've already got it all lying around. :-P
    beside, with $18, I can buy food for 2 weeks....