Make Paper Look Older




About: I'm Amateur art lover, I love history, rison why I am here is to show my creation in free time, I don't use to sit and watch TV, soo...chack my creations and comment! - BTW...there are some videos, tutorial!...

Intro: Make Paper Look Older

It's tutorial who can help you to get fun making the treasure map or some history project! Don't get bored...



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    2 Discussions

    I would really liked to have viewed you 'ible,but...
    Youtube blocks the video from playing, due to it containing content from EMI, and is blocked in the US on copyright grounds...
    Mind re-uploading with out the copyrighted content?
    Before I start ranting about copyright laws...


    6 years ago on Introduction

    The video is blocked in: Bermuda, Germany, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands!