Make Your Own Tasty Organic Frozen Treats... for Dogs!





Introduction: Make Your Own Tasty Organic Frozen Treats... for Dogs!

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In the heat of summer, everyone needs a little pick me up in the form of a frozen treat.  Even dogs!  After a hard day of chasing the ball and laying around, what would be better than a frozen organic treat?

These days we are not only conscious of what we are eating, but we only want the best foods for our furry friends as well.  With that in mind I have made a do-it-yourself version of frozen dog treats.  They are similar to the ones you buy in the store and are 100% organic. They are low in calories, high in protein and delicious.  They even contain acidophilus to aid in digestion!

Here is how they are made...

Step 1: The Ingredients

You will need:

1 32oz tub of organic vanilla yogurt
1 16oz Jar of organic peanut butter (ingredients: peanuts)
1 organic banana

Step 2: The Tools!

Get your tools!

You will need:

A blender or mixer
A glass mixing bowl
An ice cube tray
A spoon
A butter knife
A measuring cup

Step 3: Get Ready!

First you will need to mix up the peanut butter.  With organic peanut butter, the oil settles to the top, so it needs to be thoroughly mixed back in.  Grab your butter knife and start stirring!

Step 4: Pour in the Ingredients!

Grab your glass mixing bowl and pour in the following ingredients:

16oz (2 cups) Organic yogurt
8oz (1 cup) Organic peanut butter
1 Organic banana

Step 5:

Now grab your blender or mixer and start on low. Once it becomes less chunky, go ahead and increase speed to medium, then high.  This will add a little air to the mixture and make your recipe go a little further.  Once there are no more chunks of banana or peanut butter, it's done!

Step 6: Fill the Ice Cube Tray!

Take your spoon and fill each compartment in the ice cube tray.  No drips!  Once the tray is full, put it in the freezer!  This recipe will make enough to fill 2 ice cube trays.

Step 7: Wait for It...

Once the tray is in the freezer, wait at least an hour.  The recommended time is two hours, but if you just can't wait, they should be solid after an hour!  Go ahead and take them out.  Bend the tray back and fourth to loosen them up.  


Now it's time for the best part!  Give those hot dogs a treat!

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    32 Discussions

    These could be for pets and trainer!

    I know their meant for dogs but I made them and there so good and my dog ate most of them

    I wonder if my roommates would eat these before I had a chance to give them to my huskies. They do sound tasty. Thanks for the instuctable!

    Check out my instructable dog treat! Not as good as this, but quicker and easier!

    This is an awesome idea! I will have to try it out!

    So funny watching your doggie mack on that frozen treat.. you can see at the end there he didn't want to try to he just swallowed it.. tehehe too cute!! Thanks for this recipe, dogs love peanut butter.

    I mix canned organic pumpkin with powdered fiber and water. I freeze it in a pie pan, pop it out and smack it with a hammer into safe size pieces and keep them in a ziploc in the freezer. It is a nice cold treat which helps them to keep firm stools (an issue my two have).

    Sounds like a good treat for the children, but on a stick!

    my only concern with using the ice cube trays is that they'd be about the exact size of my dog's trachea. i think i'd prefer to make "freezie" shapes instead - long, flat rods.

    Great idea! Just be careful how many treats you give because they are high calorie!

    Do dogs get brain freeze from frozen treats, I wonder?

    Well, one popsicle was nice Mum, but another one would be nice. Very great idea and as tleet59 says - nothing to stop people eating these.

    This is an awesome idea...thank you so much. My girls both like bananas, peanut butter and yogurt. Awesome :o)

    It sounds great except for all of that "organic" stuff.

    These look good enough for people too!

    Too bad I can't take this along on one of my long bike rides without a melted mess... definitely tastier than a Cliff bar!

    1 reply

    Ah, something to do with overripe bananas besides b-bread! I will make these this afternoon using plain yogurt and powdered PB (what I have on hand and need to use up). Although I don't normally give my dog sugar, during our recent 95+ heat wave I gave him a dish of vanilla ice cream and I have never seen him enjoy anything so much. Great idea, thanks Triplezee!

    I cook liver and rice, I freeze the livers as treats. The chickens and dogs love the rice.

    Great Instructable! I've been making these for my dogs and using baby food + plain yogurt. They love it and you can mix the flavors up nicely. (Just be careful that you don't pick a baby food with ingredients dogs shouldn't eat)