Makey Makey ABC's

In this activity students are tasked with this challenge:

Can you create an interactive alphabet that will help younger students learn the names and sounds of letters?

Students use Scratch and Makey Makey to make the interactive alphabet. By incorporating options fo debugging, trialling, testing and thinking about the users, students are able to think critically about the outcome they are creating.

Asking a younger class of students to come in and test and trial would supersize this project!


  • Makey Makey Board
  • Conductive materials (playdough, tinfoil etc)
  • Scratch
  • Computer or device

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Step 1: Build Your Alphabet!

Step 2: Create the Code on Scratch!

Students can use this as a framework:

or build their own!

They will need to record their own words and sounds to go with their interactive letters.

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    Penolopy Bulnick

    4 weeks ago

    This sounds like a great project for students :)