Makey Makey Sound Art Self Portrait

Introduction: Makey Makey Sound Art Self Portrait

About: mikewindy is an artist, art director, teacher, writer, musician, husband, dad, skater, sound art advocate, and makey makey zealot.

I used a picture of myself, HVAC tape (shiny metalish tape from a hardware store), scissors, a pencil, SCRATCH coding program and a Makey Makey to create a Sound Collage Self-Portrait

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Step 1: Traditional Collage

Using a picture, pencil and conductive tape of some sort create a physical collage on a piece of paper.

Note-This can be way more elaborate than my collage, not that elaborate=better

Step 2: Add Images and Audio Into Scratch Project

Upload images of your collage as sprite(s) on a new SCRATCH Project

Upload existing sound or record and manipulate sound in Scratch

Attach Makey Makey clips to conductive tape to create physical interface with your sound collage self-portrait

Note-See my Instructable making Sound Art in the shower for more information about using Audacity to capture sound, manipulate it and possibly create Sound Art.

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    3 months ago

    What a fun project for the MakeyMakey!