Making Minecraft Run Faster

Introduction: Making Minecraft Run Faster

In this Instructable, I am going to show you how to make your Minecraft client run faster.

Step 1: Resource Packs

Turn them off. The default look looks fine and runs faster.

Step 2: Sound

Sound can be shut off. It's a lot easier for your computer to render the video faster if it doesn't have to render audio as well.

Step 3: Video

Graphics set at fast, not fancy

Render distance: The lower, the better

Smooth Lighting off

3D Anaglyph off

View bobbing off

Clouds off

Lower max framerate (I like 30)

Step 4: Play

Now your client should run faster. Enjoy!



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    12 Discussions

    Lower max frame rate? You do know that slows your game down. Set it to 60 to get it smooth and to reduce screen tearing.

    I'll be honest with you. I am not a hardcore gamer and I actually never heard of that before. Thank you!

    Well, not an official release of 1.9. The Preview version A5 is out at the time of writing, and I have yet to discover any bugs that aren't present in the official releases of previous versions. I also strongly recommend it, as it adds a LOT of new optimization options and even a few new features :P

    Honestly, I'm in no hurry with that. In 1.9 it's almost impossible to play hardcore. Mobs got way too dangerous. So I stay with 1.8

    Ah. Well, to each their own. I know a lot of people will upgrade to 1.9 so that they can stay current in the multiplayer world. However, if you like to play some local survival, all the power to you! If it wasn't for the multiplayer aspect, I would also stay on 1.8. I can understand where you are coming from :P (Also, a day after I wrote the original reply, the Optifine team put out an official 1.9 release. Irony at it's finest.)

    Guys, anyone please send me the latest version of minecraft or its download link to my mail id..

    please send me as soon as possible.

    You do realize that making the game attempt to cap your framerate at 30 slows the client down, right? Perhaps smoother, if your computer can't run a consistent number above 30, but NOT faster. If higher framerate is not "faster", then can you describe your definition of faster? You should always run the framerate slider at infinite if you want maximum performance. Also, running the game fullscreen would MASSIVELY help out the majority of computers. Running it in windowed not only wastes resources, but is even distracting. A quick push of F11 will change from fullscreen to windowed. By no means is this meant to be rude, just trying to assist, as this instructable could certainly be helpful, but it won't be if it contains false information.

    3 replies

    I have always experienced the client running faster with the lower frame rate.

    I did not mention full screen at all in this Instructable. It just says off in the image because I didn't bother with full screen to take those screenshots.

    Once again, can you elaborate on what "faster" means in this case if not a higher framerate?

    I didn't say it was mentioned, I was just adding that so it would be out there.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply! :P

    I do not mean a higher frame rate. I mean that you won't get dropped frames, crashes, and freezes (or not as many). These settings have proven to myself and friends that they make the client run better and it seems faster, not with frame rate, but no dropped frames or having Steve move incredebly slow (which I had to deal with on an old computer I had).