Making Money by Taking Online Surveys.



Intro: Making Money by Taking Online Surveys.

There are many ways in making a little extra money online, It doesn't cost anything. One of the best websites is A.W. Surveys.

Step 1: Making Your Account

First, go to Then go to Create A Free Account. Fill in the boxes. Then log in.

Step 2: Making Money

After logging in, you can scroll down and It will show you the surveys you have to complete. You get six dollars for the welcome survey, and so on.

Step 3: Filling Out Survey

All you have to do is view the website, then go back and write a 2-3 sentence review. Then write a review for the other website. Once done click the submit button at the bottom. It will take a second to load and then you can scroll down to see your balance.

Step 4: Redeeming Your Money

To redeem your money click redeem link near your balance. You can only redeem your money when you get $75.00 or more. You can either get it transferred to your paypal account or get it mailed through USPS.

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