Making Smart-home Devices

Introduction: Making Smart-home Devices

The idea of this project is to detect whenever a person leaves a room empty and if the fans or lights are on then he will get a ping on his smartphone through an app . Also, the lights and fans can be switched off by using the app itself rather than going back inside the room. It is basically a step toward saving electricity and our hard earned money.

This is a project on IoT(Internet of Things) .A prototype of the above-mentioned idea has been explained here. In it motor is used instead of a fan and LDR(Light Dependent Resistor) is used to detect light

Step 1: Requirements and Prerequisite


1)bolt 2)vibrational sensors 3)motors 4)motor drivers 5)wires 6)breadboard 7)android mobile 8)relay

prerequisite: 1)javascript 2)html

Step 2: Connecting to Bolt

here we are usin bolt as interface with vibration sensor

bolt is an IOT interface, reason using bolt it is easy to use and we can make anything by just using js, html,css

to setup the bolt:

1)set up the bolt hotspot

2)find it using advance ip scanner

3)goto boltipaddress/developers to upload ur file to make it work on bolt

Step 3: To Connect to the Vibration Sensor

1)connect gnd of bolt to gnd of sensor

2)connect vcc ob sensor to 5v od bolt

3)connect output pin of sensor to 0 of bolt

Step 4: The Mobile App That Controls the Fan

Sensor data

The motor on , stop and reverse button are to control the motor and start data and stop data are to start the sensors to sense whether the fan is on or not

Step 5: Ifttt Used to Connect My Fan to My Mobile


1)create an account

2)in the statement "if this then that"......this=maker , and that = gmail

3)then create the recipe

4)goto chose triger then create trigger

5)then write the html code given

6)then submit and upload in bolt

Step 6: The Code

Step 7: Relay Connection Informations

COM-common connection

NO-normally open


Step 8: Light Controling Circuit


  • connections

1)the pin 7 in bolt to in1 in relay circuit

2)5V to vccof relay module

3)gnd of bolt to gnd of relay module

  • we are using NO in relay,so that it can trigger on and off the light
  • Hot line from supply is connected to COM
  • Supply line to AC is connected to NO.
  • Gnd in light is connected directly.

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    Need help in one concept can u please share ur email


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    you can ask me on private msg in instructable

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    This looks like a great system for home automation.


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    thanks :D ....hope to improve it further