Making a Trilobite Bracelet From a Paracord




I took the cord with about 4.5 meters (~ 15 feet).

Я взял шнур около 4,5 метров (~ 15 футов).

Step 1:

We fold the cord in half, put it on a single nail, let it through two nails and return it back. The inner two guides are pricked with a needle closer to one nail - this will be the length of the loop of the buckle.

Складываем шнур напополам, накидываем на одиночный гвоздь, пропускаем через два гвоздя и возвращаем обратно. Внутренние две направляющие скалываем иголкой ближе к одному гвоздю - это будет длина петельки застёжки.

Step 2:

Near a single nail to make a noose, that's it. Cords pull tight.

Возле одного гвоздя сделать петлю, вот такую. Шнуры натянуть потуже.

Step 3:

The left end is to pass OVER by the near side cord, UNDER two medium and OVER far side.

Левый конец пропустить НАД ближним боковым шнуром, ПОД двумя средними и НАД дальним боковым.

Step 4:

The right end is to pass UNDER the near, right, side cord (higher than the one that came here in the previous step), OVER two middle and UNDER side later, the left one.

Правый конец пропустить ПОД ближним, правым, боковым шнуром (выше того, который сюда пришёл в предыдущем шаге), НАД двумя средними и ПОД боковым дальним, левым.

Step 5:

Tighten the knot by pulling it to the sides and pulling it upward, several times, more tightly. The first row, perhaps, will not look very clear. We continue the same way. Better and more even pull. It will be better.

Затянуть это дело, потянув в стороны и притянув наверх, так несколько раз, потуже. Первый ряд, возможно, будет выглядеть не очень хорошо .Продолжаем точно так же. Получше и поровнее подтягиваем. Будет уже лучше.

Step 6:

We continue until the end, until it is not enough to put the ends into the remaining ears on two nails. Then we take off the nails. Most likely in the ears will crawl one more row and the remaining ends one more time.

Продолжаем до конца, пока уже будет не просунуть концы в оставшиеся ушки на двух гвоздях. Тогда снимаем с гвоздей. Скорее всего в ушки пролезет ещё один ряд и оставшиеся концы ещё один раз.

Step 7:

At the remaining two ends we tie Diamond Knot. I can not describe. Nothing super complicated, but I did not really remember first, to finger memory, and secondly, it's easier to google, I do not know how it can be portrayed in photographs. The point of tightening the knot can be slightly corrected the length of the bracelet. Tips like I do not like to trim the flush. But in any case, the ends are scorched and smoothened.

На оставшихся двух концах завязываем Diamond Knot. Описывать не возьмусь. Ничего сверхсложного, но я во первых толком не запомнил, до пальцевой памяти, а во вторых, проще загуглить, не знаю, как это можно изобразить в фотографиях. Местом затягивания узла можно чуть подкорректировать длину браслета. Кончики мне вроде пока нравится не обрезать заподлицо. Но в любом случае концы опалить и загладить.

Step 8:

Everything worked out!

Всё получилось!

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    1 year ago

    What is the distance between the single and pair of screws on either side of the board you used to make the bracelet?

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    Good question! The distance between one screw and the pair can be different and depends on the desired length of the bracelet.

    That part of the board on which the two screws can move, then fixed with a wing nut - this is seen in photo 6 and 7 steps.

    Measurements I do so. I measure my wrist, tightly applying the tailor's ribbon. Add to the length of 3 centimeters (~ 1.2 inches). In a finished bracelet, this distance should be equal to the distance between the inside of the loop and the inside of the knot.

    Accordingly, the distance between one screw and a pair of knots should be less than the circumference of the wrist plus 1.2 inches and minus the length of the two warp laces between the bracelet and the knot.

    For example, the circumference of the wrist is 7.5 inches. We add another 1.2 inches. It turns out 8.7 inches. The length of two ropes between the bracelet and the knot can be assumed to be 1 inch. Then the distance between one screw and two will be 7.7 inches.

    When tying a knot - do it at first not too tight. After fitting the knot, you can move it slightly up or down, try it on again, and tighten after


    1 year ago

    if you could sometime make an instructable on making the jig/board you used to make this bracelet with. I've seen several out there but not like yours

    1 reply