Making a Whale Toothpick Holder




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I made this toothpick holder. It has three parts. To separate the color of top and bottom, I used two different wood. And I use a dowel to connect two pieces.

Step 1: Material& Tools


Beech / white oak

Hand tool:

File / coping saw / sandpaper

Power tool;

drill press/ bandsaw/


Mineral oil

Step 2: Drill the Holes

There are three holes in the top piece. The largest one is 35mm and it's for holding the toothpick. The 8mm one is for the dowel connection. The 3mm one on the top allows just a single tooth pick go through.

Step 3: Shape the Top Piece

I used the bandsaw and coping saw for shaping the piece.

Step 4: Shape the Top Piece2.0

I used a chisel and file to refine the shape.

Step 5: Make the Bottom Piece

I used a bandsaw to cut the bottom piece to the right thickness. The two holes in it should be aligned with the top piece and had the same diameter.

Step 6: Shape the Bottom Piece

I used a pencil to trace the shape of the top piece to the bottom. Then shape it just like the top piece.

Step 7: CUt the Mouth and Make the Eye of the WHALE

Step 8: Finish the Piece With Mineral Oil

Step 9: DONE!



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    17 Discussions

    Great Lakes Makes

    20 days ago

    Adorable. Might be on my short list to build.

    Mini onioneddevine

    Reply 5 months ago

    pretty sure u take the top off because is a holder not a dispencer

    charlessenf-gmMini onion

    Reply 5 months ago

    "pretty sure u take the top off because is a holder not a dispencer (sic)"

    Actually, he drilled a (blow) hole in the top of the whale's head early on in the video. I suspect the idea is that the end user lifts the whale, turns it upside down and a pick falls through the hole. And, thus, it is a pretty little dispenser!

    Mini onioncharlessenf-gm

    Reply 5 months ago

    u might half to do some shaking because it was a pretty small hole but yes im sure that would work :)


    Reply 5 months ago

    " The 3mm one on the top allows just a single tooth pick go through."

    This guy makes me nervous. Be more careful around that bandsaw please. It could take off your finger without flinching.

    1 reply

    5 months ago

    Nice! Cute design! I'm keeping this in mind for a possible family gift item.

    Although if I make them, I'd run the grain lengthwise on the bottom piece.
    Otherwise, one drop and that tail would most likely break off!

    1 reply

    cut the tail off with your thinnest kerf blade, and drill holes in the two pieces. Insert a similarly sized metal rod that has been roughed up with 220 into the holes, glue, and let it dry. Blend the wood after it's fully dried with sandpaper. I think that would work quite nicely.


    5 months ago

    So, to get a toothpick do you turn the whale upside down?

    1 answer

    Best Answer 5 months ago

    yes and shake if you want more