Making a Lowcost Humanoid Robot Made From PVC Water Pipe Material (upgrade)





Introduction: Making a Lowcost Humanoid Robot Made From PVC Water Pipe Material (upgrade)

About: I'm Eric Dirgahayu, although my education in films art director and cinematography, but I like all of thing about robotics. and i have making a many of lowcost Robots. :) find them at my youtube channel http...

this is my first humanoid robot who can talk, see,walk, dance and any else... the frame all of body is using a pvc thin water pipe material who has flated . this is how to flatted the water pipe pvc

my Humanoid robot name is Lita, using Ez-Board from Ez-robotic you can easly to program movement robot and there are have camera for controlling robot using image prossesor. using 16 servo for actuator and 2cell lipo battery for power.

this a price of material for made this robot.

Okay, for the cost I describe: I use the EZ-microcontroller Board with camera the price $ 135 ( ) . and I use a 16 servo: 4 micro servo on head and arm using tower pro micro for @($3.18) , 2 modification gearbox to be servo @($2.00) , 10 lever servo i using Tower pro metal gear servo for hand and leg (on the pictures im using hitect but thas my servo from another robot i boorow because i dont have enough servo, you can replace with tower pro) @($8) . and thin low price water pipe and glu for $10 so the total is $241.72 for humanoid robot. :D sorry forgot 1 2cell Lipo battery for $6.35 ( ) last total $248.07 .

Step 1: Making a Frame Head and Body

Tool and material.
-16 servo, 8 high tors servo, 4 lever servo 4micro servo. (in my tutorial use 6 high tors ang 2 high modification gearbox)

-broken head robo sapien, or you can make from pingpong ball or stc.

- microcontroller support a camera, i use Ez-board (is easly and simple use for newer) you can use arduino , rasberry or stc

- flatt water pipe Pvc, how to flatten, you can see on my last instructables -scirssors -transparan bottle plastic -strong glue (plastic glue)

-ruller and pencil for firs take out the head on broken robosapien bodi, and cut out.

use the back head for new face and the glass helmet for back head. we not use the robosapien face. on new head we adding a camera shield and micro servo for horizontal movemen so we need make a hold for servo. look up on the picture no 3 until 5. for face we use plastic transparn bottle, cut and shape costumize the bottle on the head. apply and glue next put a micro servo and camera shield (picture no 6-9). now you add the scond micro servo for vertical movemen and connect with horizontal miro servo on the head using shaff servo conector.make holder for second servo and put 2 hihg tors servo on the right and left for sholder (im use a gearbox nodification). (picture 10-11)

Step 2: Making a Leg

Fisrt draw the model of foot coustumaize with the size of robot would you make. cut and put 1 high Tors for ankle join. hold with little piece from pvc shape with little fire (pic 1-2), and than make a holder frame for next high tors servo. create the doble mount shaff on the servo, add the plat pvc and add little tube using a glue, ang for more hold to a servo, use the back screw on the servo, (pic 3-4), and make i frame for knee join, same way the second servo frame. (pic5) make a 3 leg (the size must same heigh or waeigh) (pic 6)

Step 3: Making a Hand Ang Griper (claw)

for hand is no many different with making a leg. if you use the same size servo like the leg. i use more little servo so i add some tube on the servo so that same heigh on the leg servo.for making a frame joint look a pic 1-2.

Griper, i making a new design for griper more hand human looklike but with 3 finger, making the griper same like a making papercraft but using a pvc materian and add little mechanism. (pic 3-7) follow the picture

Step 4: Merge All Part and Finishing

okay we now have the head and bodi, leg part and hand part, merge all using a strong glue or screw for sure. make a battery holder on the body. for more goog look like make a some cover for foot and body using flatt pvc, the form of the design you want using the little fire and manual work.

the last connect all servo to micro and put some program . i Use Ez-Board so I Use JD robot program. i newer on Robotics so i take the simple and easy way. :D

How to Program using Ez-Board : open ez-builder app on computer klik open from cloude or simple thing open the sample project and pick a JD.ezb file. thats is basic movement for ez- humanoid robot, you can add new program with easly.


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    Will you please post uswd servo names or its model number i m unable to find it! Plz plz plz plz post motors descirption!...also can u post 3D printer files for it! As i am new to humanoid robots and tronics!

    1 reply

    Thankyou Vijay,

    im use a many different Servo, beacause i I use what I got, for leg i Use a Tower Pro MG995 on the Hand i use HITECT HS5086WP, and the sholder i use modification motor dc gearbox this is how to build it .for the files im sorry i dont have because i made the robot with hand made.

    Wow, a great robot and great idea to use the ez-board...! I also built a humanoid robot that can walk and talk, in case of interest all
    information can be found at

    Hey good job...pls did u do any c programming while making the robot

    1 reply


    This robot using Ez-board from ez-robot the code programing you can download from my cloud in ez-builder apps. Or you can visit for more information about ez-board.

    Hey good job...pls did u do any c programming while making the robot

    Umm....i wanna actually know more bout it in detail cause im actually trying to create a robot first time so i need some professional help.....can u pls help me over some basic steps!!...

    1 reply

    Hello Full_metal sk , maybe u can visit my web at :D

    mantep lah mas. btw dari indo emang bisa ya dpt hadiah dari kontes mas??? pgn ikut kontes tp takutnya mlh ga bisa ikutan kontesnya.

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    how much did it cost you in total and btw which camera did you use for the motion detection

    1 reply

    plus minus about $248.07 , EZ camera, if you buy Ez developer board u get a board, acouple servo, wheel, distance sensor and camera. for code yuo just download at cloud in Ez builder you will Install if have the ez-boar from ez-robotic. visit

    kerennnn mas , pengen belajar robotik juga nih mas enak nya dari mana ya mas ? dah ada basic dari RC sih mas