Man Cave Coffee Cosater




Introduction: Man Cave Coffee Cosater

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For the coffee drinker.

Step 1: 3/8 Hexs Nuts, Crazy Gule

I used gorilla super glue and 52 hexs nuts to make the coffee coster. Glue the nuts together. This will make the frist one. Do the same for the other 3 or 4 that you make.

Step 2: Base of Coffee Cosater.

Used 3/8, 92 hex nuts Andy the 4 bolts that I used. Last of all, I put rubber 1/2inch clear bumpers on all the bottoms of the coffee cosaters and base.

Step 3:

Just in time for that morning coffee.?



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    I think your idea is nuts :) I love it - it might even carry off as "industrial chic:

    1 reply

    That's a pretty fun idea! This would make a cool gift for a handy friend :)

    Yes super glue is how I did mine.

    I use gorilla Super Glue.