Mario Mushroom T-shirt Recon




Introduction: Mario Mushroom T-shirt Recon

About: Whether you just need the final touches on your enchanted castle, or your crew quarters need an overhaul to start feeling like home, I've got you covered.

I love t-shirt recons and I love Mario. So I decided to combine the two to make a t-shirt recon geek style.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

1. Fitted white t-shirt

2. X-Large Red Shirt (or any color you like)

3. Scrap black t-shirt material

4. Fusible Webbing

5. Scissors

6. Sewing Machine

7. Measuring Tape

8. Iron

9. Ironing Board, or a table and doubled over towel

10. Patterns, above (Make sure the squares are 1" and the eye pieces are 1.5" wide)

Step 2: Follow the Video

Hope you enjoy your new fancy top!

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    20 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Nicely done. Oh, and I LOVE that you have a box of Twinkies in your closet!

    No suggestions, only compliments. Awesome!!

    1 reply

    I sincerely love all your videos!!! Great job!!

    1 reply

    Love the shirt and the hair, the second I saw your hair I was like WHAT, HOW SHE DO THAT?!

    1 reply

    Thank you! The hair is a much simpler trick. It requires some bobby pins and a wig.

    Dont Mind My ignorance, what are recon t-shirts? And nice hair btw

    1 reply

    Thanks! And the recon is short for reconstruction. As in having an item (or a couple), taking them apart, and then putting them back together differently.