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One week ago my Lava Lamp broke, It fell off the table and onto the floor shattering into a million pieces. I was very disappointed! I loved watching the colored lava flow up and down the glass tube. While I was cleaning the mess I thought there must be some way to fix it. I had the broken lamp in a drawer for these couple days then I came across this contest and I thought that maybe I could use the mason jar as a substitute for the shatterd cylinder.

Step 1: Materials

These are the things you will need to make this groovy Lava Lamp.

1: Mason Jar

2: Water

3: The bottom half of a Lava Lamp

4: The wax and coil


5: tape or a hot glue gun

Step 2: Lava

Open your jar and place the Wax at the bottom of the jar as seen in the picture above.

Step 3: Water

Fill the jar with water any type will due, I used tap water.

Step 4: Fastening

Place your jar onto of the bottom half of the lamp. In some cases you might need to use hot glue or tape to make sure your jar doesn't go anywhere. I didn't need any extra support because my jar fit perfectly.

Step 5: Enjoy

Now here is the finished product just plug it in and watch the lava flow back and forth. I was very happy with the results and i think you will be too thank you for reading.

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    Wow!! I love this project! My parents love mason jar projects and they will go nuts for this! If you still have it, can you use the original liquid the wax was in?

    2 replies

    Reply 4 years ago

    It's mineral oil, and yes, you can use the original liquid it came with.
    The author of this 'ibles used water since all but the wax was lost.


    3 years ago

    Cool. can I use regular Candle wax??

    1 reply

    Reply 11 months ago

    No, I believe regular candle wax floats all the time; lava lamp wax has a chemical infused that makes it sink when cold.

    Dangerously Explosive

    Tip 1 year ago

    Adding hot glue or tape to hold the jar could be a bad idea, as the high heat would melt it. Something like JB Weld or high heat silicone would be a better choice.


    2 years ago

    What does the coil do, and what kind of wax did you use