Master Sword (OOT)

Introduction: Master Sword (OOT)

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When fighting shadow Link, a hero needs a sword...

-Sculpy clay (optional)
-Thin board of wood (For the Blade)
-Dremel Tool (or anything that can cut wood)
-Spare pieces of wood that can start out at any shape

Step 1: The Blade

For the blade start out with a thin board of wood, then carve out the shape that you want it to look like. Make sure that a part of the handle is already attached to the blade so its sturdier for when your fighting Ganondorf.

Step 2: The Fins

I call these things fins, cut two out in this shape and you can add details with clay and/or a dremil tool or whatever you have to make it look cool!

Step 3: The Handle

Cut out and dremil out how long you want the handle to be. It is in the shape of a cylinder with a diamond like shape at the end.

Step 4: The Crystal

I used Sculpy clay to make the crystal (on both sides) and carved out the part it's sitting on (gets glued on last)

Step 5: Sealing the Deal

Now all you have to do is glue all the pieces together and let it dry, then you can add designs with clay or just carve those out too. You can also paint it however you like, I mixed together grey and blue spray paint, but you could also use just black if you wanted to make Shadow Links Sword.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Fantastic detail and clay work. Way better than my version. I'm going to use this idea to create a 2.0 version. Awesome!