Materialize Your Favorite Wow/Lol Character

Introduction: Materialize Your Favorite Wow/Lol Character

I have always been fascinated by character from some very popular video games such as League of Legends and World of Warcraft and it's sure that I am not the only one. You probably already have heard about those games for good or for bad. But anyway, this instructable is not dedicated to know wich video games is the best, even if it's an interesting topic. So now, let's talk about what is really interesting, and this is the characters. Once you will finish watching this tutoriel, you will be able to print almost anything from League of Legends and World of Warcraft quite easily.

So, the instructable will be divided in 2 different part : the first one will be dedicated to Wow characters ( Step 1 to 3) and the second one will be dedicated to Lol champions ( Step 4 ). Unfortunately you will need blender for the second part of the instructable. You can download it for free here :

Step 1: Downloading WMV

First, you will have to fully install Wow expect if you already got it. You can download it from here : And, fortunately, you will not have to pay abonnemts to have models and to print them.

When it's done, you will have to download an application called Wow Model Viewer and is alsoo free. You can download it here : I advice you to download the last version of this application. I'm using WMV v8beta5 and it work perfectelly. Now that it's done, just install it on your omputer. As it is a beta vresion, a follow up forum has been created and the link is located just to the right of the download link.

Step 2: Create Your Own Wow Character

Now that you have download WMV, just open it. If it doesn't open on its own just after the installion ended, just open find the location of the file called WowModelViewer. It is normally located in the program file.

Every time that you will open WMV a warning message will pop up and will ask you if you want to load Wow, just answer yes. As you can see there is a big menu at the left of your window. This menu is dedicated to the creation of your character. There you can choose any character existing in wow including animations, landscpaes, ...

But, if you already have created a character in Wow, you can load it easily. You just have to click on the character tab located above your window. Once it's done, just click on "Import Armory Character". Then they will ask you to provide a link of the character you wish to import. Unfortunately you must provide a link from this website :, such as : Then just wait a little and you will see your character.

Step 3: Prepare Your Wow Character to Be Printed

Now that you have your character, just export it. Unfortunately, you can only export it as a OBJ file but it doesn't really matter. To export it, just click on "File" at the upper left side, then click on "Export Model" and choose OBJ.

Once you have export it, just import it in blender or in any other 3D modeling software. Next, you will have to 'clean' a bit character. Indeed, some of the parts of the character cannot be printed with a classic 3D printer. But in fact even if you are a bad modeler, it shouldn't be to hard.

Once your character is ready to be printed, just export it as an STL file and generate your Gcode with your software. If you doesn't have a printer, you can just make your character be printed on 3DHubs

Step 4: Download LolBlender and Print Your Champion

As I said in the introduction, you have to own Blender to have your Lol champion in real life. If you have it, you have to download LolBlender addons in the link below :

No, just move the file downloaded in the addons file of Blender. Once it's done, you can now import SKL and SKN file. So, to have champions SKL and SKN file you will ahev to download the champions and skin wished on this website : The SKN file is the file of the character and the SKL file is the file of the rig of this same champions. Consequently, you can animate it or make it change position if you can.

I will join a picture of Volibear which I import in Blender. I advice you to removre Remove Doubles, just after imorting your champions.

Once your champion is ready to be printed, just export it as an STL file and generate your Gcode with your software. If you doesn't have a printer, you can just make your character be printed on 3DHubs

Step 5: Admire the Result

I will join a picture of Akali that I printed but I had a problemn with my printer and had some difficulties to remove the support, but anyway this doesn't really matter. I hope you will enjoy materializing your Wow/Lol character.

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    5 years ago

    Don't want to do this but want the stl file? Just I already did it for you and uploaded it. Check

    Also have smite models if you want it.
    if you have any luck with the newer champions, please let me know.


    5 years ago on Step 5

    Very Very Awesome! Will def try!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool! Do you paint your models or finish them in any way?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks you for your comment but, I don't paint my model because I don't have time in this period but this is, of course, possible.