Matrix Diy Phone


Introduction: Matrix Diy Phone


This instructible will tell you how to create your own phone that they use in the Matrix to call Dozer the operator. It uses both the idea of the phone and the Matrix screen of scrolling green symbols. This ible doesn't really previde much information on guttinh the phone! Sorry for that but no harsh comments!

Step 1: Supplies

1-old Nokia 5165 cell phone
1-ipod nano 2nd gen with rockbox installed
1-pair of pliers

Step 2: The Gutting

Now gutting is harder than it seems, but you can do it! push down the tab at the top of the phone and pull the faceplate off. pry off the cover then the screen then the firs board then the second. on the second there are some wierd looking screws so you use the plyers to twist them off. some may have little white plastic things on them.

Step 3: Put in In There!

Now, before you put it in, navigate to the demos in the plugins menu and run Matrix. Squeeze it into the face plate and re-attache it. Now this steo is very hard and stressful but once you do it a couple times it is a breeze. If the screen goes dim, press 5 to refresh or press 8 to pause it.

Step 4: ALL DONE!!!!

You could add a couple finishing touches like i added a usb cord but it doesn't do anything. Hope you were sucssesful!



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    3 Discussions

    just to note they didnty have the 'matrix' displayed on thier phones ;) and the phone was a totally different model.

    2 replies

    yeah, i know. This model was as close as i could get. And I know the didn't have it displayed on the screen, I just thought it would be cool to do.