Melted Crayon Christmas Ornaments




First off, Please use caution while making these. Things are gonna get HOT!

I made these ornaments for Christmas presents this past year and they were well received!

I'm attaching a video I shot while making them. It's my first video for a craft tutorial.

Since I was shooting the video I really don't have many pictures of the process but hopefully the video makes up for that!

**I tried making a melted crayon painting on canvas. At the end of my YouTube video what you see the results!

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Step 1: Things You Need:

-clear glass Christmas ornaments

-oven glove or other heat safe glove (ornaments get hot!)

-hair dryer

-crayons (I used crayon pieces that were given to me from a children's group at my local public library)

-pencil sharpener (I tried a knife at first and it was a huge mistake... it took forever, hence the pencil sharpener)

-funnel or something funnel-like (I didn't have a funnel so I used a paper plate. The shiny side of the plate got the crayon shavings stuck all over it, so I turned it inside out and used the matte side and the problem was solved!)

Step 2: Get to Melting!

Shave the crayons. (or break into small pieces)

insert funnel into the ornament

Pour the shavings into the funnel (or plate)

shake it a little to get the shavings to move down funnel

put on oven glove

hold ornament in hand with oven glove


I used the high setting on the dryer and passed it slowly over the surface of the ornament. Be careful that when you tip it to move shavings/crayons bits that the hot wax doesn't drip out the top of the ornament. I dripped hot wax on the floor of my back deck and it was not easy to clean up!

I used crayon shavings to make a streaky color design, and broke the crayons into bits to make the solid swirled color.

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    Thanks! I loved creating these and experimenting with the different colors :3