Introduction: MenZ-DECK

About a year ago, we drunk beer in The-MenZ Lab.
When Zagan said "I want PCDJ controller, So next project is make controller!".
The project began at this time.

***MenZ-DECK featured by Maker Faire UK Blog.***

(Continue with broken English)

Components for make controller:
Arduino Uno --- 1qty
MUX Shield --- 1qty
ATX power supply --- 1qty
Wire --- 3m(10ft)
Potentiometer --- 14pty
Slide Pot --- 3pty
Button(As you like, tactile or not) --- 14qty
LED(Any color) -- 9qty
CD-ROM drive --- 3pty
Optical mouse --- 2pty
Hard Disk Drive --- 2qty
74HC595 --- 2qty
2SC1815(BC547) --- 1qty

Step 1: Create the Jog(scratch) Wheel

1.Cut out mousepad using a circle cutter. Diameter is about 5mm smaller than the HDD platter.
2.Next, cut out inside circle. Diameter is about 10mm bigger than the HDD sylinder.
3.Paste mousepad on platter.

Step 2: Create the Wheel Base and Installation Optical Sensor

1.Pull out all parts of HDD.
2.Remove cylinder motor, and reassemble at invert direction.
3.Fix optical sensor by clay. After that, installing the platter.
4.Connect to Arduino, And tune the gap between sensor and platter to get the acceleration value from sensor.

Step 3: Miniaturize the Sensors

1.Confirmed get the acceleration value, cut the unused pattern of substrate for reduce space.
2.Fix the sensor's lens using hot glue. And installing wheel base.
3.We heal the tired by eat Sashimi and drink beer.(It is very important process!)

Step 4: Make the Switch Box and Wiring Parts

1.Put the parts on case for decide holes position.
2.Dig the holes. After that, installing the parts. And soldering.
3.Soldering and soldering and soldering.....
4.All soldering and no play makes amino a dull boy.
5.All soldering and no play makes amino a dull boy.all soldering and no play makes amino a dull boy.All solderring and no play makess amino a dull boy.All solderring and noo play mekes ammino a dyll boy.ALl soldering and no play makes Amino a dull boy.All soldering and no play makes amino a dull boy.all soldreing and no play makes amino a dull boy.All soldering and no play makes amino a dull boy......

Step 5: Programming and Debugging of Switch Box

After finish soldering, verify the wiring. Testing program too.
(There should be a mistake surely!)

Step 6: Test of Shift Resistor and MIDI Signal Receive

Lighting LEDs using shift register when receive the MIDI signal. Use this method can be lighting many LEDs by less signal line.

Step 7: Decoration and Finish

Making was already finished. But finally, applied a cool decoration.

Turn the cooling fan at slowly by PWM, and turn on the LED in power supply box.
That mechanism is projection the slow flickering light to the ceiling.
It is not difficult. Switching signal using transistor and output signal from Arduino.

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    Hello,could you give your email to ask you more information about your project?


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    I'm a member of The-MenZ.
    We're glad to you're got interested our project!

    I send email address to you via Direct Message.