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Introduction: Men's Necktie Quilt

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King size 110 x 110

Titled: " My Dandelion In the sky "

materials used to make this quilt

  • Collect used neck ties a lot 89 total
  • heavy weight quilting thread
  • Sissors, pins and Lg Safety pins
  • Choose a solid fabric color(light color) For background(4yd) or 1 King size sheet
  • King size batting for the inside of the quilt
  • pk ling/large sewing needles
  • sewing machine
  • thin ribbon for the triming neckties/ bowtie centers
  • 1 king size bed sheet for backing (Dark color)

Time Frame for making this quilt is about 2 to 3 months I worked on this quilt on weekends and collected Neckties from church members and thrift stores. (88 total)

The weight of this quilt: Approximately 20lbs

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Step 1: Cut

Cut the neckties in half making 2 stacks; one with the fat ends, one with the thin

Step 2: Arrange

arrange the neck tie wide ends into a circular pattern using color patterns with simularities to make a circle.

Step 3: Attach Together

Using large quilting safety pins attach the pieces together. Thread a large needle then sew them in the desired pattern using small tight stiches.

Step 4: Center Piece

Place a large Circular piece of coordinating fabric to cause the center circle of your system; pin it down from the reverse side; flip it over then sew it to the ties.

Step 5: Center

Lay your piece in the center of your king size background fabric; pin it down using straight pins; then sew.

Step 6: Bow Ties

Time to create mini size bow ties made from the smaller tail of your original neckties. Fold these to look like a bow use the tiny ribbon to knot in the center holding the bow together. Create a stack for step 7.

Step 7: Attaching Bows

Lay the bows around the outer edges of the fabric front to create a design then using a large needle and matching thread start attaching each bow securely to the Fabric.

Step 8: Applying Ribbon

Using Fancy or dust thin ribbon and fabric glue. Outline every neck tie in the center circle itself. This makes the ties pop out. Also make a boarder around the 4 sides of the quilt with the fancy Ribbon.

Step 9: Border

Using leftover tails/small ends of the neckties to outline the quilt. I made 2 rows around.

Step 10: Backing

Use king size battery inside the quilt. Attach top, batting and dark king size sheet backing. Pin together all 3. I did a roll over boarder showing my dark fabric that matched my center circle. Your circle size will depend on how many neckties ( wide pieces) you sewed together. Machine stitched all 3 pieces together. This was not an easy quick quilt to make 99% was hand sewn using thimbles and large needles and a box of band aids.I have made 4 total all king size. I admit it was fun to make and its a great conversation piece.

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    2 years ago

    What a cool quilt! That would make a really wonderful keepsake :)