Metal Throwing Disk

Introduction: Metal Throwing Disk

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Hi, I am going to show you how to make a sharpened disk that you can use
for a weapon, tool, and or pest killer. This is a sharp object so I have no responsibility for any injuries. The reason for this instrument is just for fun because I enjoy making weapons. I hope you enjoy my instructable, this is my first one so please forgive any errors in spelling. Also when you are making and using it you use extreme care for your surroundings.

Step 1: What You Need:


> safety glasses

> Hard drive

> Vice or something to hold it steady

> Hammer

>Something flat to rest it on (preferably metal)

> 250 grit sand paper (Angle grinder)

> Screw driver

These are the essential tools. If you want to add more on yours then by all means. You can also add designs to it by etching or carving if you want but this is not included in this instructable. Always wear the saftey glasses, for it can save your eyes from and debris.

Step 2: Open and Gut the Hard Drive

OK. So you wan to fasten down the drive with the vise (minimal movement). Take the cover off ad pull everything out. Your main goal is to get the HD disk, and once you get it out you can toss the HD. Try to make sure that your disk is not to scratched up and is not broken, and also make sure there are no burnt spots on it from the laser. You are now ready to take it to the sharpening stage.

Step 3: Flatten the Edge

So the next step is not really sharpening, it prepares it for sharpening. So what you want to do is to take an small anvil (or the flat face of a sledge hammer) and rest the disk flat against it. Take your hammer and lightly more like medium strength and pound the soft metal edge. There is no need to soften the metal with hot or cold treatment it is soft enough already but is still durable enough to cut things with out bending. You want to be careful with your hits because the disk will warp. Also when you are hitting it pull the hammer towards you so it spreads the metal a little more. Now you are ready to go into the sharpening stage. I am not joking this time :).

Step 4: Sanding the Edge On

Ok so in this step you want to take the 250 grit sandpaper and lay it flat on the palm of your hand so it covers all or most of your hand. take the pounded disk and grab the edge of it (like a discus only more tighter) so the hole is touching the middle of your palm. Drag the edge in short, strong strokes back and forth. This will take a while but it will make the edge sharp and clean without any nicks. This is also where you may be able to use an angle grinder which does the work faster. Sadly I don't own one so I have to do it the hard way.

Step 5: How to Throw It

You want to throw it in a way that it will spin straight and not curved due to the warping it may have. You hold it with your thumb and index finger and approximately half an inch from the edge. Throw it over your head and not vertically but horizontally so it will fly without catching much wind.

Step 6: Finished

So there are your instructions. Please be careful when you use this because it can hurt. WATCH FOR YOUR SURROUNDINGS AND MAKE SURE YOU THROW IT AT A FIRM WOOD TARGETS AND NOT PAPER. IT WILL GO THROUGH IT.

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    Cool but just so all know that you can temper it but I did not have a fore at the time to heat the metal to the correct point. Thanks for listening and try to be safe while using these items and make sure that when you throw the disk that you are in a position of safety and can see your suroundings clearly.


    3 years ago

    dude love it will try to make it


    That is where I got the idea. The thrower holds a stash of them on top of a pointed hat, twirls it on one finger, then throws it.

    Obsidian Man
    Obsidian Man

    4 years ago

    This is actually called a Chakram. It is a throwing weapon originating in India.