Metal Yard Art(YART)!!!

This is just a little fun project I decided to make with some scrap stuff around the shop.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

arc welder I set the heat in the low 40's and used 3 welding rods
1/8 720 welding rod SS

cable eyes(10)
3/4*1 1/2 bolt
3/4 washer (2)

Step 2: Putting the Pieces Together

I cut the big pipe strap and decided not to straighten it.
Welded everything from the backside to keep it clean looking. started all of the cable eyes with a small bead into a small flower looking circle.

Step 3: Stuck

Put my bolt on the table and set my circle on top. Again welded from the backside, securing them. Welded the stem to said bolt.

Step 4: Leaves

Tacked on these. It looked like it needed a little more.

Step 5: Heat Color

At first I thought about sand blasting, then a passerby said throw the rosebud and see what it looks like. And after doing that decided that it looked great. After it cooled I knocked the dust off and was quite happy with it. It took about 30 minutes and if you had to buy the parts it could be bought for maybe $20 and even less if you use carbon steel.

Step 6: Finite

I will probably move it later but for now it is done.



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    4 years ago

    i liked it so much..very nice and fresh idea