MiXed WooD PLanteR




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WHat You NeEd for This PRoject.


2 x Different Types of Wood Preferably....Or 1 type of wood and Some Coloured Varnish.

I used Mahogany & Oak.

Teak Oil...

Wood Glue

Blue Decorative Stones

Succulent Plant of some Kind.

Plastic plant pot... I used 5cm that come with the succulents.





Wood Drill Bits for Hollowing

Sander.....and SandPaper

Planer - if you have one (not Necessary.)

Step 1: SLice & STicK

Simple part-

Slice the wood into 3 pieces. Depending on how big you want your planters. you can have the middle piece bigger or smaller then the sandwich pieces.

Sand them down if needed. They need to be 100% flat before glueing.

Use plentyyyyy of wood glue need to completley cover the sides, then clamp as tight as possible.

Step 2: StrAIGHTEN THe EDGes

Cut off the excess bits to keep the edges straight.

Now the experimental part comes in. You want to saw so the 4 sides become 6 sides. So from rectangle to a 6-sided polygon. Get the bottom sides smaller then the upper parts.... doesn't have to be exact..

Step 3: MaKE a TraIN/ Line

Cut the long piece into little sections. Do this at an angle to get a good effect.

Step 4: HoLE for POt

Drill a hole the size of the pot your putting in it.

STuff the pot in... Don't be afraid to cut the pot up.

Step 5: TeAK OiL & VaRNisH

If you use the same material for the planter, then varnish the middle part with a darker colour to give the sandwiched effect.

Then using a cloth rub Teak Oil all over the wood. If your using 2x different materials already just teak Oil it. This will bring out the colour and the grain.

Step 6: P0T THE PLanT

Pot the plant cut/saw/scrap the sides of soil and roots to get it in.. Succulents can sustain alot of damage so don't worry about being kind.

Step 7: FiNIshinG TOUChes

Get some small coloured decorative stones...Got mine from ebay for £5.

SpriNKLE oN ToP aND yOU dONE...



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    8 Discussions


    Question 10 months ago

    After gluing and straightening your blanks, what are the approximate dimensions? For my first try I would like to stay close to what you did to get similar results. Thanks in advance for a response.

    2 answers

    Answer 9 months ago

    For the smaller train it should be 31cm X 8.5cm x 6.5cm (High). Then cut this into 3 separate sections. The hole is 5.5cm diameter for this.

    For bigger pot 20cm X 13cm x12cm (high). The hole diameter is 9cm. For this pot use the planer randomly to get this effect.


    Reply 9 months ago

    Thank you for the reply. Too often I see people ask questions on an Instructable and don't receive a response, so I was pleased. Look forward to more projects from you.


    10 months ago

    Do you chisel the hole saw cuts out. I'm guessing you aren't drilling all the way through.

    1 reply

    Reply 10 months ago

    Yes I drill all the way through so there's a hole underneath. It allows the water to go to the bottom without being trapped in the planter, otherwise it will eventually rot away.

    Water the pot over the sink or if its sitting on granite/quartz like mine you can just wipe the surface clean. That's the easiest way.


    10 months ago

    Very clever and nice work. Good use of some smaller pieces of wood I've collected.

    Penolopy Bulnick

    10 months ago

    Fun planters :) I like them with that decorative stone too!


    10 months ago

    for some reason, these look incredibly cool to me. Really good job!