Michelle's Cage and Cabinet

Introduction: Michelle's Cage and Cabinet

Here is a beautiful cage and cabinet that has a shelf in the middle for plenty of storage. The cage features a removable divider, slide out drawers, panels with stainless steel screen and an acrylic seed guard all around. The cabinet measures 32 inches tall, including the four casters. The cage is 20 inches tall, 49 inches wide, and 20 inches deep. With the removable divider in, it becomes two separate cages with each having an access door and its own slide out drawer. Two separate skylights allow for plenty of hanging space for toys, swings, etc.

This cage was stained with Minwax water based product named "Island Water". It made a beautiful distressed look that we finished with a clear coat.

Step 1: Cabinet Assembly

Find the two back pieces of the base and lay them face down as shown. (Fig 1)

Attach together with eight 1 5/8" screws in the pocket holes (fig. 2)

Attach four casters to the underside of the bottom piece of plywood with silver pan head screws. (fig 3)

Turn over and line up the left side of the cabinet. (fig. 4) There are three 1 1/4" screws that attach to the bottom plywood.

The plywood goes over the rail. (fig 5) Tighten those screws (fig. 6).

The back edge is next with the two back pieces. Be sure to line up the holes and back edges. (fig. 7).

Attach the right side next, same way as the others (fig. 8). Fig. 9 and 10 show what you should have so far.

Find the middle shelf piece with the latches, turn it over, and set it on the middle rail of the cabinet sides. Attach with 1 1/4" screws like the bottom shelf. (fig. 11, 12)

Now the front pieces attach together like the back, only use 1 1/4" screws this time. Then position the front in place to be attached to the shelves using 1 1/4" screws also. (fig. 13)

There are two blocks that attach the front to the middle shelf (fig 14) All sides are together now. (fig. 15)

Get the thinner top plywood, turn it over, and attach with 1" screws to the top rails in the predrilled holes. The cabinet is now complete (figs. 16, 17, 18)

Step 2: Cage Assembly

Before attaching any panels, use the small black pan head screws to secure the plexiglass pieces to each panel. They are marked on the side that faces inside. Remove the protective film and line up the predrilled holes.

Lay the bottom of the cage on the cabinet and let the back edge hang over in order to attach the back panel "A" (fig 1) Line up with the predrilled holes under the bottom and use four 2" screws to go into the bottom of the panels.

Find the divider bottom and the end facing the back is marked. Use a 2" screws to attach as shown. (figs. 2 and 3).

Pull the bottom forward so that the front hangs over so that you can run the 2" screw into the front of the divider bottom. (fig. 4)

Attach panel B to the right side of the cage bottom with two 2" screws. (fig. 5).

Then use a 1 5/8" screw to attach the upper corner of panel B to A. (fig. 6)

Put the two drawers in place. Make sure they slide in and out easy. If not, you might have to adjust the front edges of the side panels. (fig. 7)

If everything fits good, remove the drawers and use two 1 5/8" screws to hold the cage centered in place on the cabinet. (fig. 8)

Panel D is the front. Use three 1 5/8" screws to attach each end into the side panels. Make sure the holes line up and the top edges are the same heights.(figs. 9 and 10)

Now the trick for the divider: Pull out the left drawer and lay it down as shown (fig.11) with the screen up and the push pins to the left. Then slide the drawer in, open the door, and lift the bottom of the divider onto the piece between the drawers. Then lift up the top and push the pins into the front and back holes.(fig. 12, 13, 14). Its good to try this before you attach the top and see where everything goes. Then, put the top on and attach with 1 1/4" screws in the predrilled holes in the front and back panels. That's it! You're ready for birds!!

Step 3:

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