Micro:bit Based Step Counter

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Bored having your old fitness tracker. Make one for yourself using a micro:bit. The overview of the project is when there is a shake it takes the count. Now sweep through the net and buy a micro:bit for yourself or make use of your old device.


micro:bit https://www.amazon.com/BBC-micro-micro-controller-...

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Step 1: Collect the Components

Take your micro:bit and make a band which suits your leg and attach the device in your leg.

Step 2: Code

Make the code and download it. Now connect your micro:bit with your pc using USB and then move the file to the micro:bit device.

Step 3: Test

Connect the standalone batteries.Test the code by just shaking the device. Note that the number will change in the led.

Step 4: Run

Now tie your device in your leg or hand and start running....

Step 5: Contribute

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