Microscope JIG for Phone Camera





Introduction: Microscope JIG for Phone Camera

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Items required:

1) pocket microscope (from online store or stationery shop)

2) paper clip (large enough to conceal the phone camera)

3) vernier calipers

4) drilling machine

Step 1: Measure Eye Piece's Outer Diametre

Step 2: Drill Hole on Paper Clip

1) let the hole be at the end of the paper clip

2) drill hole about 1mm less than eyepiece' dia to enable tight fit

3) chose drill bit of size about 1.5mm less than the diameter of the eye piece to accommodate the wobble while drilling

4) file the hole if necessary

Step 3: Fit the Microscope on to the Clip

Step 4: Clip the Jig to the Phone

Step 5: Take Awesome Microscopic Photographs and Videos



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Awesome idea


To stop the attachment slipping around, you could coat the faces of the clip with contact adhesive, which when dry gives a usefully high friction surface. (But prop them apart whilst drying !-)

Also, for a specific phone, carefully measure the distance of the camera lens from the edge of the phone, and make the hole exactly that distance from the clip hinge.

Cool little idea but for virtually the same price (or a few pennies more, ie the cost of the clip, tools and time, time being the most important factor) you can get exactly the same item with a clip on attachment for a little over £6 (the actuall microscope can be found for as low as £1.50 (P&P may take the price back up) but why bother looking for the other parts?


Don't get me wrong its a cool idea but already has an arguably "better",certainly more convenient, solution.

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"for a little over £6 (the actual microscope can be found for as low as £1.50"

If I did the math right - this is US $12.62.

I got the same magnifier off of ebay for free (.99 using ebay bucks) last year. I think the price is no 1.25 though. The clip is something I might be able to get at a dollar store. So a total maximum cost for me to make this would be 1.25 + 1.00.

I guess if someone does not have the access to the tools though, the 12.62 would be the way to go. Although I always tended to use situations like this as an excuse to buy more tools :)

Wikipedia: "As of 14 May 2014, £1 was worth US$1.70"

Ebay: this pocket microscope is available to the UK for £0.99 inc postage.

p.s. exchange rate would say yes re: $12 though in reality more like $6 when you take into account u.s prices being on average 50% less than u.k prices on basically everything. :) (possibly something to do with minimum wage equivalence & a million other reasons/excuses)
eg an Imac here £1500+, u.s $1600 (ish re 24") etc etc

lol - man can never have too many tools!
(unsure if women care for such things though I'd imagine shoes to be the equivalent)

offense none taken.. the project started in the first place because the jig was fitting only an iPhone.. I wanted to make a jig that fits on most phones

Good point - as far as I know there is no multi - fit version - you have found a market that the "pro's" missed :D

a few years ago i took the eye piece from a rifle scope, and taped it into this big magnifying glass that has a light. it ACTUALLY WORKS!!! i use it all the time to take pictures of my legal medical marijuana with my phone, but it's tricky due to the size, going to have to see if i can't save up some money to buy the parts needed to make your jig, cuz it looks like there is a lot less messing about involved to take a stable picture.

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thanks.... I assure its not going to cost much at all

i agree, but i'm still flat broke until the end of the month cuz i'm disabled on a fixed income where 90% of it goes towards my medication costs. i've got a list.

Love ur idea...I bought the mini microscope from ebay...but haven't had time to attach & try it...yet :-)

Thank you for the prompt reply.

I saw where you had said "online or stationary store", but I don't recall ever seeing them in my local Stples, so thats why I asked.

I found one similar to Dinesh's at http://www.amazon.ca/s/ref=sr_st_price-asc-rank?qid=1407097027&rh=n%3A667823011%2Cn%3A!677211011%2Cn%3A677230011%2Cn%3A3322587011%2Cn%3A677232011&sort=price-asc-rank