Mid Century Style Wall System Made Out of Plywood




Introduction: Mid Century Style Wall System Made Out of Plywood

We came across an old school gym bench at the thrift store and it fitted our wall exactly! We thought it would be cool to get a mid century wall system with that but the prices were extremely high! Besides, most of the colors didn't match that well. So i decided to make one myself. It was a very easy project and took me only half a day. The lowest shelf is a bit deeper as the rest so it could function as a desk/play table for our son!

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Step 1: Mounting the Rails and Hooks to the Wall

At first i mounted the rail and the hooks to the wall, then i could see how individual shelves would look and decide how many cabinets i needed. For the shelves i used single pieces of plywood, for the desk part i had to glue two pieces together (it is 3.3 meters wide!). I also glued two pieces of plywood together to get the desk twice as thick as the shelves, that gave it a little more body.

Step 2: Making the Cabinets

Making the cabinets was very easy, it is nothing more than a box with a few hinges, I had all the plywood cut to size at the Home Depot so all i had to do was glue them together. I didn't want any screws to be in sight so i used dowels to put these in place. The hinges are very easy to use, no need for expensive tools, just a screw driver will do!

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