MindCraft (Create With Your Mind, Craft With Your Hands)




Introduction: MindCraft (Create With Your Mind, Craft With Your Hands)

Have you ever wanted to touch your Minecraft creation?

Have you ever wanted to build your Minecraft creation with your hands instead of clicking a mouse?

Now you can with MINDCRAFT, like the title said "Create With Your Mind, Craft With Your Hands"

In this instructable, I will teach you how to turn bored kids into creative and imaginative ones with just a few decks of cards.

This is a very easy project to do, kids and parents can enjoy it alike and together. It can provide endless fun anywhere and anytime with a cost of only a few bucks.

MindCraft is very much like MIneCraft, you use your imagination to craft amazing things. In MineCraft, once you created it, it stayed in the computer but with MindCraft, you can build, touch, and modify it till your heart's desire.

Step 1: Making a "Simple Face"

Let's make one of the most basic element of our MindCraft world, a "simple face".

A simple face", is a simply a flat square made from 2 cards. It is sturdy enough to make most objects but may be too flimsy if you wish to make taller structures or you want to make something that can support weight.

You can connect more faces to a simple face with "connectors".

A "connector" is simply a straight or bent card (at a desired angle) which connects 2 cards together.

Step 2: Making a "Support Face"

A "support face" is made of 3 cards which makes it much stronger than a "simple face"

You can use the "support face" to make taller, or sturdier structures to support weight.

Step 3: The Cube

Now that you have made a face, we will use 6 faces and 8 connectors to make a simple cube and from there on, you can build anything your heart's desire.

You can stack a bunch of cubes to make a pyramid as the ancient Mayan or Egyptian.

You can make Steve or Alex from MIneCraft.

You can make a ginger bread house with a little chimney, with a functional door and windows.

The possibilities are really endless.

Step 4: More MindCraft Creations

Thank you for reading my Instructable, I hope that you've enjoyed it as much as I have creating it.

If you made something cool, a car, a pickup truck, a robot or whatever please share.

Look forward to seeing your creations.




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    8 Discussions

    I have done something similar but with business cards. I never doubled up the cards so the structures were never that strong. I like the idea of using them as storage boxes. I will probably glue the ones that will become storage boxes.

    5 replies

    Thank you for your comment. I hope that your customers don't know that you are using their business cards to make your creation ;-)

    I am a math teacher. Many of my boxes of business cards came from people who got a new job and the old cards had the wrong job title or from cards that were printed wrong. My mother gave me a whole box that had her name spelled wrong.

    I see, I love math too, one of my favorite subject besides physics, but that was looooong time ago. I am glad that you kept them instead of tossing them. You can probably use them as scales on an articulated wooden fish or scaled armor (for a kid's costume).

    Is there a link you can send me to what you are referring?

    I couldn't find a video on a wooden articulated fish but I found these.


    Thank you, I hope that you will have time to make something to show us.