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Introduction: Minecraft: Easy Steve Head

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As you walk through the forest hoping to find a dog, you stop. You hear the sound of sheep not very far from your location! You head to the source as fast as you can, finding that there is a pack of wolves! How Notch has smiled upon you! As you approach you hold out a bone, offering it to the pooch of your choosing. The poor animal only whimpers and runs away! Why? Only because you look nothing like Steve you fool! It looks like we better get to work!

The whole idea of this instructable came from when I was walking down one of the isles in Wal-Mart. In front of me, a boy was carrying a Minecraft head. My heart jumped! Minecraft stuff?! Here?! I ran to the toy isle, only to find the heads were just overpriced, oversized, pieces of cardboard. I walked back to my family in defeat, but a great idea struck me, I should make my own!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

In order to make Steve's head, you will need a few items:

-A cardboard box (The box should fit your head.)
-A computer (Not shown)
-Printer (Preferably a color printer. Not shown)
-Printer paper (Not shown)

Step 2: Getting Steve's Face

Use the link here:


(Thanks pixelpapercraft by the way!)

Once you get there, simply follow the instructions for printing. After you have all parts of Steve's head, move onto the next step!

Step 3: Cut!

Take your boxcutter or scissors and cut the box so that everything up to your chin is hidden inside the box. This will make the mask cover your whole head so that you are hidden underneath. Now, using the scissors, cut Steve's face, back of head, top of head and both sides of the head out.

Step 4: Glue!

Almost there now! Just glue the parts of the head on to the box. Coat the box with glue, making sure to get the corners! Make sure the sides of the head are the correct way, with the ears being closer to the front of the face than the back. Otherwise, your Steve head will be backward! Make sure not to cover the bottom of the mask, as this is where your head will go.

Step 5: More Cutting!

Your Minecraft head should be taking shape now! Where it shows the eyes (they should be grey) use either the boxcutter or the scissors and cut out the eyes. Put your head inside the mask just to check that you can see!

Step 6: Finishing Steps

Congratulations! Now you can touch up the head with whatever you think it needs. I need to add a bit more hair to the top of my mask, just to make it a little closer to perfect.

Thanks for reading! I really appreciate it as this is my first instructable. Please vote for me in the Game.Life 4 Contest! Enjoy your new Minecraft head, too!

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    4 years ago

    Hey dude/dudet what size box did u use? Please post it!


    6 years ago

    Yes! Very easy and it's very fun, especially if you use your own skin!


    6 years ago

    That's awesome bro!